Cyber criminals using malicious malware that act as sleeper cells: Cisco

Cisco to develop ' ?EUR~Before, During and After' security solutions for fighting cyber crimes.

Published Date
24 - Mar - 2014
| Last Updated
24 - Mar - 2014
Cyber criminals using malicious malware that act as sleeper cells...

Networking solutions giant Cisco says that enterprises are facing more security challenges with cyber criminals using malicious malware that is dormant while entering a secure network and later becomes active.

Cisco says that the threat to enterprises is on the rise because of companies adopting concepts such as BYOD and cloud services. Besides,' Internet of Everything’ (IoE) that connects all devices and grids also opens them to heightened security threats.

"In a world that is rapidly moving towards connecting everything, the security risks are also increasing. Now there are dormant cells, which could suddenly get active and how would you then seek protection," says Jawahar Sivasankaran, Director, Cisco Worldwide.

Cisco is reportedly working on ‘Before, During and After’ Internet solutions to check dormant cells. Cisco continues to invest in innovative technologies in the 'before' area. "There is a critical need to protect the customers in the 'during and after' phase as well. In our 'Before, During and After' strategy we have focus on visibility driven, threat focus and platform based intrusions," adds Sivasankaran.

He further says that mobile security has become mainstream and users expect more from their IT and security programmes. Cisco's annual security report stated that 99 percent of the total mobile malware targets Android devices.

"The top challenge with android is the fake app, which opens customers up to advanced malware. In our focus of putting innovation in the 'before' phase, we are also briefing up our activity in the 'during and after' phase," he said.

Sivasankaran said that data security is the focus point for Cisco and that the company will continue to make investments in the area.

"USD 2.7 billion investment in Sourcefire says that security is a top investment area. We have a little over 600 employees in the business unit that focuses on securities R&D. But, beyond R&D, there is a huge portfolio of people in services and solutions in India. We also bought a company called Cognitive that gave us our intelligence," he added.

Source: ET