Customised UC Browser available for Vodafone customers in India

The China-based company claims UC Browser has more than 400 million users across 150 countries across the world and has 25 percent of the mobile browser market in India.

Published Date
14 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
14 - May - 2013
Customised UC Browser available for Vodafone customers in India

UCWeb has announced a partnership with Vodafone under which it will provide a customised version of its UC Browser for the operator's customers in India.

"UC Browser is a free application and the customised version for Vodafone will currently run on Android, Java and Symbian phones, though it'll soon be available on other mobile operating systems too," Yongfu is quoted as saying.

As per the deal, Vodafone will push the customised UC Browser on its mobile portal. According to Yongfu, customised UC browser will help Vodafone increase data consumption levels.

More focus on India

UCWeb has of late increased its focus on the Indian market, which it says is the second largest after China. Recently, the Chinese mobile Internet company announced India as its second headquarter.

“We are working towards building an open ecosystem by investing in teams and technology in India. We truly believe that India will be a big contributor to our objective of becoming a billion user company. We are working with partners across domains and verticals by way of sharing traffic, users, and revenue with them; thus creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both,” says Xiapeng He, Co-Founder & President, UCWeb.

“The Indian mobile internet community will benefit from the investment that we make in building an ecosystem in the market. We are open to explore fresh stream of ideas and newer business models to sustain the vitality of the community.”

UCWeb recently launched three new versions of its UC Browser - UC Browser for Android version 9.0, UC Browser for Java version 9.0, and UC Browser for iPad version 2.0. Find out more about the new versions of the browser here.