Consumermate launches a fresh, new website

Published Date
18 - Oct - 2012
| Last Updated
18 - Oct - 2012
Consumermate launches a fresh, new website

Consumermate, Digit's sister site that is all about helping consumers make the right buying choice, has launched its new website with a fresh, bold design and a new laser sharp focus on the most popular categories. Visitors to the new site will immediately notice that it is now much easier to search for and find products, or to simply provide feedback on gadgets that interest them.

Visitors will also notice some exciting new features on the Consumermate site. The newly designed Product Finder uses complex algorithms to help you figure out what gadget suits you best by simply answering a few questions.

Consumermate now has hundreds of products listed on the site across three categories: Mobile Phones, Laptops and Tablets with concise, sharp reviews that tell you exactly what you need to know about a product.

Here are some of the new aspects of that the team is most excited about:

Product Finder: Right at the top of the site is the new Consumermate Product Finder that uses a behind-the-scenes algorithm to advise you on what gadget suits your need best. All you need to do is answer six simple questions on your usage patterns and the environment in which you plan to use the gadget and the Product Finder will tell you what laptop, mobile phone or tablet is best for you.

Focus on Products: While Consumermate has always had a sharp focus on products, this focus has now been further honed. Every product listed on Consumermate is complemented by images, a clean, exhaustive specifications sheet and up-to-date prices from popular online stores. The Consumermate website will also be constantly updated with all the latest product launches in the market.

All-New Reviews: Consumermate also now features an all-new review format that will make sure you know exactly what to look forward to in a product and what to be wary about, without spending too much time reading the review. Consumermate will ensure that every review is short but sharp and will be supplemented by a clear rating, “Pros and Cons” section and a distinct verdict. Every gadget will be tested in the Digit Test Centre, making sure that the review is of absolute high quality.

Gamification: Consumermate also now features a new gamification layer that lets visitors earn points for interacting with the site. So, every time users review/rate a product, share a story or register on the site, they earn points that helps them enter a sweepstake through which they can win mobile phones, tablets and laptops and other gadgets.

The all-new Consumermate site is now up and running.



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