Chinese Internet users spent 19 mln years on social media in 2012: Report

According to a recent study, users in China have spent 167 billion hours across various networks in 2012 on social media.

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18 - Jan - 2013
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18 - Jan - 2013
Chinese Internet users spent 19 mln years on social media in 2012...

A study was conducted in China called ‘We Are Social’s Guide to Social, Digital and Mobile in China (2nd Edition, Jan 2013)’. One of the interesting facts pointed out in the study was that Chinese people logged into social media spent 167 billion hours across a variety of networks in 2012. The average estimate time per day was 46 minutes.

With China’s population, it is a no brainer that they will be at the top of any list that involves mass activity. Phenomenal statistics include - China gained more than 50 million Internet users in 2012; the total number of Internet users has increased to 564 million; China has more than 1.1 billion wireless subscribers; there are 420 million people in China who log on to the Internet from their phone.

The 211 slides of the slideshow discuss figures about China’s population, Internet usage, social media and the mobile industry along with ecommerce, location-based services and online video sites.

TheNextWeb spoke to Simon Kemp, the research firm’s managing director. He said, “Mobile! No secret there,” he said, adding that he thinks it’s becoming more and more personal. “It’s all converging on a ubiquitous data layer to people’s everyday lives. 25 million new users every month at the moment is massive growth, and brands are starting to get in on the action too. It’ll be tricky for [the brands] though, as they’ll need to have an even better think about how they can add value to the more intimate ‘instant messaging microblog post’ environment,”

Those interested can take a look at the 211-slide presentation here.

Source: TheNextWeb

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