Bored of Facebook? Join this exclusive social network for $9000

Netropolitan describes itself as an online country club for those with more money than time. Do you fit the criterion?

Published Date
18 - Sep - 2014
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18 - Sep - 2014
Bored of Facebook? Join this exclusive social network for $9000

Social network users today can be broken down into three types — those who use it actively, those who join social networks but don’t really use it, and those who don’t join any social network. That’s it right? Well, think again. A new social network, called Netropolitan, caters exclusively to the rich. The tagline goes, “The online social network for those with more money than time.”

Netropolitan requires a whopping $9000 (approx. Rs. 5,50,000) to join and does away with the concept of ‘adding friends’. Apart from the money, you also have to be above 21 to join this social network. Users are allowed to see everyone’s posts and can create groups based on interests etc.

Of course, the $9000 allows Netropolitan to pass on the advertisements, which Facebook and others can not. The cost of being free you see. Netropolitan has been created by former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, James Touchi-Peters. Oh by the way, you will also have to pay $3000 per year to remain on the social network, much like you do in a country club.

If you’re thinking Netropolitan is an unique website, then you need to think again. There are others like ASmallWorld (Private International Lifestyle Club), Affluence (Your future awaits in the world’s most exclusive digital country club) and Topcom, which is soon to launch for the next 200 world leaders.

The concept of social networking has been taken to a different level over the past year or so. Consider the many anonymous social networks like Secret, Confess etc. and nonsensical social networks like Bencho that recently came up. Everyone is using them now, even terrorists, and the ideas keep getting wackier every day.

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