Bing incorporates AI for intelligent search, brings "Intelligent Answers" to results

The "Intelligent Answers" will be AI-powered and make use of neural networks. Bing will also validate answers by compiling search results from various sources.

Published Date
14 - Dec - 2017
| Last Updated
14 - Dec - 2017
Bing incorporates AI for intelligent search, brings “Intelligent...

Microsoft will bring new “Intelligent Search” features to Bing. The new features will be AI-powered and the company says it will help users find more comprehensive and complete information faster. Using AI, the search engine will provide “Intelligent Answers” as one of the Intelligent search feature and using neural networks, Bing will validate answers by aggregating search results across multiple reputable sources instead of just one. 

Also, in case there are multiple viewpoints to an answer, Bing will display a carousel of “intelligent answers” alongside the original one. Some of these features will be immediately available whereas the others will be rolling out to users over the next week in the US, with a broader rollout to other markets over time. The search results will also feature comparison of answers, which will not be limited to only products. It will show a snapshot of the key differences between two items or topics in an easy-to-read table.

Also, Microsoft and Reddit have partnered up to deliver information directly from the Reddit community to Bing results. The search engine will come with three initial features for displaying results from Reddit. Typing a subreddit name in Bing will show a live snapchat of its top conversations in search results. The search engine will also now display Reddit AMA, questions and answers for a celebrity at the top of the page along with snippets of those conversations. Finally, by appending ‘reddit’ to their search queries, users will be able to search answers directly from reddit on Bing. The search engine will also come with an advanced image search features. It will make use of computer vision and object recognition to search any image or within images. 

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