Best Paytm Mall gaming Friday deals roundup: Cashback on gaming laptops, consoles, monitors and more

Our Gaming Friday deals roundup includes some of the best gaming laptops, gaming titles, monitors and more, which are being offered at a discounted price or with a considerable cashback.

Published Date
20 - Apr - 2018
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21 - Apr - 2018
Best Paytm Mall gaming Friday deals roundup: Cashback on gaming l...

Paytm Mall is hosting a gaming Friday deals sale and is offering a plethora of products at a discounted price. We have rounded up some of the best deals available, which include Gaming Laptops, consoles, monitors, gaming titles and more. 

Acer Nitro 5 
Deal Price: Rs 61,999 + Rs 8,500 Cashback 

The Acer Nitro 5 laptop is powered by 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB of internal storage. It is equipped with a dedicated Nvidia GTX 940MX GPU and features a 15.6-inch display.You can check it out here. 

Dell Inspiron Gaming 5577 
Deal Price: Rs 68,999 + Rs 8,500 cashback 

The Dell Inspiron gaming 5577 laptop is powered by the 7th Gen Core i5 processor and features 8GB DDR4 RAM with 1TB HDD. It is equipped with the Nvidia GTX 1050 GDDR5 GPU and comes with a 15.6-inch display. You can check out the laptop here. 

MSI Gaming GL62M 7RDX-2069XIN gaming laptop
Deal Price: Rs 73,989 + Rs 5,919 cashback

The MSI gaming laptop is powered by the 7th Gen Core i7 processor, coupled with 8GB RAM and 1TB of HDD. It also sports 4GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 GDDR5 GPU and features a 15.6-inch display.You can buy the laptop here.

Sony PS4 1TB console
Offer Price: Rs 32,199 + Rs 3,220 cashback

The 1TB Sony PS4 console comes bundled with two games, The Last Of Us and the latest installation of the first-person RPG, Uncharted 4. The console supports WiFi, 2x USB and 1x HDMI connections as well. You can check it out here. 

LG 24MP59G 24-inch gaming monitor 
Deal Price: Rs 14,100 + Rs 1,974 cashback

The 24-inch LG gaming monitor features a full HD resolution and comes with a 5ms response time. It is an LED display with 27W rated power consumption and comes with a three year warranty. You can buy it here. 

Samsung LC27F390FHWXXL curved LED monitor 
Offer price: Rs 16,699 + Rs 2,338 cashback

The Samsung curved LED monitor features a 26.5-inch display and boasts of a 4ms response time. It features a full HD display resolution and covers 72 percent of the colour gamut. You can buy it here. 

LG 24GM79G Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate 
Deal Price: Rs 24,299 + Rs 3,402

The 24-inch LG gaming monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate and comes with a 5ms response time and 1ms motion blur response. It supports full HD display resolution and has a three year manufacturer warranty. You can check it out here. 

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PS4
Deal Price: Rs 4,499 + Rs 450 Cashback 

The Wireless Sony DualShock 4 controller supports Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity and comes with a 1000 mAh battery. You can buy the device here. 

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller 
Offer Price: Rs 3,999 + Rs 400 cashback 

The wireless controller for Xbox One boasts of up to 30 feet of wireless connectivity range and features 2 pressure-point triggers and an eight-way directional pad.You can buy it here. 

WWE 2K18 (PS4)
Offer Price: Rs 2,799 + Rs 200 Cashback

The WWE series of gaming titles need no introduction. The simple go to play genre has kept evolving with the times but lost the charm as compared to the first few titles. The last year’s release is also a good buy and will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. You can buy it here. 

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4)
Deal Price: Rs 1,299 + Rs 200 Cashback

The long legacy of Tomb Raider series was rebooted in 2012 by Square Enix and boy, did it sweep us off from our feet. There was not a lot going on in terms of storyline but the gameplay mechanics, updated graphics and overall enthralling gameplay kept us hooked.You can buy the gaming title here. 

Uncharted - The Nathan Drake Collection 
Offer Price: Rs 1,699 + Rs 200 cashback 

One of the best games for PS4, Uncharted is being offered as a bundle where you can get the first three installations of the franchise at a discounted price. There is also a s 200 cashback to sweeten the deal. You can buy it here. 

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)
Deal Price: Rs 1,999 + Rs 240 cashback

The sort-of spin-off of the Uncharted universe is the Lost Legacy, where one doesn’t play as Nathan Drake but the side characters who were present in the older games. Nevertheless, it is an action-packed game, which will leave you longing for more.You can buy it here. 

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End 
Deal Price: Rs 1,599 + Rs 240 Cashback

The final Uncharted installation in the gaming franchise is as we said, “If you have played the previous games in the franchise, you will have undoubtedly played this one already. If you are new to the franchise and haven’t played the previous games, relax. You will enjoy this nonetheless. Just for the visual treat, this game is worth your attention. It’s the Indiana Jones adventure we’ve been waiting to play.”You can buy the title here. 

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