Become a Social Media Expert to boost your business

We bring to you simple yet effective social media tools and tips that'll help you become a social media expert and take your business to the next level.

Published Date
11 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
27 - Nov - 2014
Become a Social Media Expert to boost your business
When you’re running an enterprise, you might not get time to keep up with all this tweeting, pinning, and checking-in business. But try as hard as you might to ignore it, social media has become a platform. When used wisely, it can become one of the most effective ways of building businesses. 
Be it for promotions, advertising, expanding market reach or simply building customer relations; social media can indeed boost your business. Thanks to the various social media tools that allow you to curate social updates, conversations online are more refined. Success measurement and analysis of social pages of businesses is more streamlined. And businesses and entrepreneurs are now re-shaping their strategies with the goal of attaining growth across social media platforms. 
To save you effort and time, we’ve tried and tested innumerable tools and whipped up a list of the best. It’s time to become a social media ninja.
1. Hootsuite
Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android
Free and Pro version for $9.99/month 
Consistently updating and tracking social accounts can get tedious. This is where Hootsuite comes in. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps you track all your social networks using a single window. All you need to do is install Hootsuite, launch it in your browser and connect your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Hootsuite lets you set up live streams in customizable tabs and help you manage your day-to-day social communications easily.
Manage all conversations from one place using Hootsuite
One of the most efficient features of Hootsuite is batch scheduling. If you can’t find enough time during the day to consistently update your Twitter/Facebook accounts, Hootsuite lets you pre-schedule up to fifty unique updates/messages, ensuring that you’re active on all your social media platforms throughout the day.  
2. Facebook Pages Manager
Android & iOS
Price: Free
Let’s admit it; Facebook is one of the largest and vital platforms when it comes to social media marketing for businesses. Which is why, active conversation is imperative on your business’ Facebook page. Now you don’t have to stay glued to your computer all day for perpetual engagement with your fans. With Facebook’s Facebook Pages Manager App for Android and iOS, you can update your business’ Facebook page straight from your mobile phone. Be it replying to comments, changing coverphotos, profile pictures, posting updates, sharing videos or even viewing your page insights; the Facebook Pages Manager App lets you manage your business Facebook page on-the-go. Not to forget, it cost nothing. All the more reasons to get this one!
Take page admin functionality to your phone!
3. Tweetdeck
Chrome, Windows and Mac
Price: Free
Another important social media platform that most brands tap in to is Twitter. And if you happen to own multiple Twitter accounts or are simply looking at monitoring your Twitter feed, get Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck lets you manage and monitor the Twitter content that matters to you using filters. Tweetdeck also gives you the option of scheduling tweets and notification alerts for new tweets. 
4. Buffer 
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android
Price: Free
Think of Buffer like a virtual queue. The app allows you to schedule content and then posts them on your behalf spread at regular intervals. And it works exceptionally well for Twitter. Buffer also provides insightful analytics on your social updates, engagement and reach of your tweets and posts.  Plus, the free mobile app makes managing different social accounts from your mobile so easy. 
5. Google Analytics 
Now that you’ve started sharing, advertising across various social media platforms, it’s only fair to track if they’re actually driving traffic to your website. If you happen to own an e-business, studying Google Analytics can be quite insightful. Google Analytics might not be able to drive direct sales, but it definitely will tell your Facebook ads are causing awareness and boosting visits to your website. 
6. Bitly
Browser, iOS
If you think is just another URL shortening service, then you’re wrong. Besides making your URL concise, bitly is a great sharing, bookmarking and analytical tool. On signing up for a free bitly account, you’re provided with a dashboard where view statistics for the links you’ve shortened. That’s not all, the website also lets you generate QR codes and use your own custom short domain for your business. 
Now that you’re armed with some of the most efficient social media tools out there, what do you need to do to win the rest of the battle? 
1. Get your Internal Team On Board
Ensure that your entire is part of your social media strategy. Get all your employees to share, like, follow your business’ social media accounts. Using tools like Sigbuzz and WiseStamp, you can integrate social media in your email signature too. 
2. Find a Voice
When using social media, you must try to have an authentic voice in our content. It is vital to that your social posts have a unified character to your brand/business across social media platforms. Let’s take Digit for example. Across its social platforms, Digit portrays itself as a channel of sharing, discussing and celebrating all things technology. The people who follow Digit’s social platforms are usually the ones passionate about technology. Therefore, Digit’s social character is that of a geek and tech enthusiast. 
3. Listen and Engage
While managing your business’ social media accounts the trick lies in making your followers work for you! The best way to go about it is ask your consumers for and implement feedback. Once the customers realize that their ideas are being heard, they’ll be more likely to contribute new ideas again. Not just that, they’ll also voluntarily appreciate and share their experience with others.  
4. Assessment and Numbers
Tools like Klout For Business helps you understand how people influence each other on social networks. Some of the biggest businesses like Disney and Microsoft are already using this tool. 
Buffer helps you cut out the noise
5. Creative
Studies show that businesses that use pictures and videos vastly in their communications on Facebook, manage to rope in more viewers and reach. And you don’t have to go and create or click an image for everything.  There are tons of websites online that’ll help you get stock free images. Making videos is yet another effective way of communicating on social media accounts. 
So start defining the social media goal for your business and get the ball rolling with our above list of social tools and tips. 
Have you used any of these social media tools for business? Would you recommend them? Share your experience and tell us about your favourite social media tools and tips on or any of our social platforms of course! Protection Status