August 20 is your last chance to save India's net neutrality

(Updated) The initial deadline of August 15 has been extended. August 20 is now the last day to let the government know your views on net neutrality.

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14 - Aug - 2015
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06 - Jun - 2017
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August 20 is your last chance to save India’s net neutrality

[Update] Thanks to the overwhelming response by the netizens of the country, the government has extended the deadline till 5:00 p.m, August 20. 

August 15 is the last day Indians will be able to submit their views on the net neutrality debate that has been raging for months now. The online community has been very vocal on their insistance of net neutrality and a many people had petitioned against Zero Rating services that many mobile carriers had planned. However, the fight isn’t over yet as the government has requested people to come forth and discuss the issue by leaving a comment at 

Without net neutrality, ISPs will be able to give preferential treatment to select websites while discriminating against other websites, which is against the whole concept of a free and open internet. you can read more about net neutrality here. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) released its own views on net neutrality, however, the government was still undecided on the contentious issue. However, a discussion on the upcoming policy is now live on, and people are free to register on the website and participate in the debate by leaving behind a simple comment.

The good folks at AIB have released a video wherein they discuss the issue in a way they know best.  

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