Anonymous hacks and defaces North Korean websites in Operation Free Korea

The online 'hacktivist' group makes their intentions clear by attempting to humiliate the North Korean government.

Published Date
05 - Apr - 2013
| Last Updated
05 - Apr - 2013
Anonymous hacks and defaces North Korean websites in Operation Fr...

Anonymous has allegedly hacked (now offline) a North Korea-run news and information website based in China, along with the Twitter and Flickr feeds of the website.

The Next Web has stated that Uriminzokkiri is down probably because of a DDoS attack, not a hack.

The profile picture of the Twitter account of the North Korean government has been replaced by a couple dancing wearing Guy Fawkes masks, while the FlickR account has been filled with the Anonymous symbols and a picture of Kim Jong-Un, with the snout and ears of a pig, in robes., the website for a North Korea-linked political regime in South Korea, also displays the same image.

In a Pastebin note on April 3, Anonymous attacked the policies of North Korea and the USA and also addressed the questions raised by the media about the veracity of Anonymous’ claims about accessing North Korea’s intranet, as it is considered to be disconnected from the internet and not easily accessible.

Visitors of the North Korean FlickR and are greeted by this image.

Dubbed “Operation Free Korea”, Anonymous have made three claims; for leader Kim Jong-Un to step down, for North Korea to become a democracy, and to ensure its citizens uncensored internet access, as reported by BBC news. In addition, Anonymous Korea has stated that there will be more action taken by them on April 19 and June 25.

Anonymous are known for speaking out against what they feel are authoritarian or ‘immoral’ governments. In November last year Anonymous had claimed to hack Kapil Sibal’s official website.

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