Anonymous clears its name in Indian Army website hack scandal

Published Date
14 - Jun - 2011
| Last Updated
14 - Jun - 2011
Anonymous clears its name in Indian Army website hack scandal

Hackers claiming to be from the infamous hackers group Anonymous recently hacked Indian government website to express solidarity with the anti-graft movement in the country. It's hard to understand how hacking the government websites will help the cause. Now, after having seen a spate of attacks on Indian websites, and promises for more, India seems to be a big target on the hit-list of hackers of global noteriety. Though none of the hacks have so far proved to be too damaging, concerns on level of Internet security in the country have grown sharply.

The 'Anonymous' hackers group also hacked the Indian Army website but quickly retracted after a lot of outraged Indians flooded the Facebook and Twitter pages of Operation India with angry questions on the motive of the step. Soon after the event, the Facebook and Twitter pages for Anonymous India were removed – a move that took everyone by surprise. It is also not clear whether the move was taken by the hackers group or the social networking sites were too involved into it. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

Things became more confusing after a message posted on PasteBin said that it was not Anonymous that hacked the government sites but someone else misusing its name.

Here's excerpt of the message:

“It has come to our notice that some of the Indian hackers and there groups are taking the undue advantage of the situation and the name and platform of Anonymous”

“You targeted organizations and other Indian Government properties to settle your own issues and you used the name Anonymous for personal benefits. By doing all this activities, you have not only hampered the image of Anonymous but you all are responsible for the damage caused to #OpIndia.”

Other than the blame game and discussing who is responsible for the menace, focus should remain on the factors leading to such events. The recent breach of computer networks of International Monetary Fund (IMF) apparently shows the vulnerability of Internet communication across the world. Even after intensification of security, such hacking events are the on rise. Famously, companies like Sony and Citigroup were not spared either.

Many will agree increasing cyber attacks have raised the risks of critical and private data getting out in public. Anonymous India or whosoever it was justified hacking government website in the name of anti-graft movement. And soon after it indulges in hacking the Indian Army website. It is very hard to relate the two acts, as they don't seem to have been done with same intentions.