Animated Les Paul Google Doodle unveiled

Published Date
09 - Jun - 2011
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09 - Jun - 2011
Animated Les Paul Google Doodle unveiled

For the uninitiated, Google doodles are fun creations when artistic liberties meet Google's corporate logo every now and then. The result is a bunch of memorable experiences that you can enjoy right on Google Search's homepage. And today's Google doodle honours the memory of Les Paul, celebrated American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor.

Today's Les Paul Google doodle is actually a guitar with playable strings -- yes, just check it out. You can pluck the guitar strings with the help of your mouse. Based on my limited knowledge of musical notes, I think the Les Paul Google doodle lets you play | C E | G C G B | A D F# A |. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

The Les Paul Google doodle is in honour of the artist's 96th birthday celebration, and its embedded on to Google's homepage with HTML5. Clicking on the Les Paul doodle takes you to a Google search result page for Les Paul, where we recommend the artist's Wikipedia entry to understand the significance of Google's gesture and salute to him.

Personally, it's nice to look at a Google doodle every now and then, sort of slow down a bit and just sit and stare at Google's fun creations that replace its corporate logo for a brief yet memorable time.

Do you have a favourite Google doodle? What is it?

Les Paul Google Doodle


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