Android M to focus on improving RAM, battery performance

Google is focusing on optimising battery life and RAM in its upcoming Android M update.

Published Date
26 - May - 2015
| Last Updated
12 - Jun - 2015
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Android M to focus on improving RAM, battery performance

Google's upcoming Android M will focus on optimizing RAM and battery performance, according to reports. The Internet giant is expected to unveil the next version of Android at the Google I/O conference later this week.

Google's latest Android M update will focus on better battery management  by reducing location checkins and activity when the device's screen is off. The Internet giant will also work on its Play Services which has high battery usage stats. According to rumors, Google will release the developer preview of Android M at the conference similar to the way it did with Android L (Lollipop) last year. The final release for Android M is expected in August.

Earlier reports suggested that Android M will offer native support for fingerprint authentication. Google had tried to introduce the feature in Android L and the Nexus 6 devices so it's a possibility that the feature will be added in its next Nexus handset. The feature will help app developers to take advantage of the security features while building apps. Google could also use the technology to help users sign in to websites as well as make Google Play purchases and Google Wallet authentication without entering any passwords. Google will also announce a new standalone Photos app for Android at the event. 

Android M will also bring better privacy settings, giving users more control over what apps can access and what they can't. Currently, users are prompted with a list of permissions an app needs at the time of installation and the user has no choice but to accept them to install the app. According to reports, Android M will give users the choice whether they want to share their photos, location, contact details, etc. with apps during installation. Other custom Android UIs like Cyanogenmod, MIUI and Amigo UI already offer such privacy features. Cyanogenmod even provides encryption of the phone itself so that installed apps don't affect your privacy. Google is also expected to reveal its next Nexus devices made by Huawei and LG at the Google I/O Developer conference. According to reports, Google plans to launch two new Nexus devices this year - a smartphone and a tablet.

Source: Android Police