Airtel doubles broadband speed for free; introduces 4mbps @ Rs 899

Published Date
22 - Mar - 2010
| Last Updated
22 - Mar - 2010
Airtel doubles broadband speed for free; introduces 4mbps @ Rs 89...

After the recent speed upgrade for Youtube's IPL streaming, Airtel is taking further steps to make their customers happy and to lure in new ones. To stay ahead of the competition, Bharti Airtel has just announced that they will upgrade the broadband internet plans for all of their existing customers at no extra charge.

The terms include:

  1. All customers below 512kbps will now be upgraded to 512kbps
  2. All customers having 512kbps speed will now be upgraded to 1mbps
  3. All customers having 1mbps plans will get 2mbps speed

Airtel has also introduced a whole new set of 4mbps Impatience plans starting at just INR 899 per month. Here are the plan details:


Impatience Plans 899109913991799
Monthly RentalRs 899Rs 1099Rs 1399Rs 1799
Download Limit
@ 4mbps
Speed Post
Download Limit
Download Limit
@ 256kbps

The catch is that only customers from selected cities -- Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, can avail the Impatience Plans, for now. Hopefully, the rest of India will follow soon.

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