Airtel Broadband launches 'Smartbytes' additional data usage packs

Published Date
18 - Oct - 2011
| Last Updated
18 - Oct - 2011
Airtel Broadband launches 'Smartbytes' additional data usage pack...

Airtel Broadband customers irked about the fair usage policy and high-speed data transfer limits on their ‘unlimited’ plans might be happy to learn of the company’s latest announcement. Now, instead of settling for a lower bandwidth after reaching their data usage limits, customers can purchase additional data usage packs called Smartbytes.


Airtel Smartbytes range from 1GB to 50GB, and start from Rs. 99. Apart from “augmenting their high speed data transfer limit”, Airtel Broadband customers will now have a way to track their monthly data usage, with notifications about their billing cycle and the amount of data left in their plan. Airtel already sends notifications to customers when they’ve reached 80% and 100% of their high speed data transfer limits.

To use the Airtel Smartbyte service, customers who’ve used more than 80% of their data transfer limit plan can log on to via their Airtel DSL connection, and opt for their choice of additional data usage packs, which have been listed below with their pricing:

1GB for Rs. 9910GB for Rs. 499
2GB for Rs. 15920GB for Rs. 799
5GB for Rs. 29950GB for Rs. 1,499


Speaking on the launch of the service, K. Srinivas - President, Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel, said:

“Airtel is committed to its journey of enabling customers to enjoy a high speed browsing experience. Smartbytes will give our customers a simple and smart option of augmenting their high speed data transfer limit as and when they want to. This will empower customers who are looking at enhancing their data usage limits for a continued high speed experience to make more informed choices.”


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