A logo for HTML5 unveiled by the W3C

Published Date
20 - Jan - 2011
| Last Updated
20 - Jan - 2011
A logo for HTML5 unveiled by the W3C

HTML5 has already been conflated with possibly every web technology that is still in development, and is nowadays used as an umbrella term for HTML, JavaScript, CSS3 etc. It seems that this conflation confusion is now officially endorsed by the W3C themselves.

The W3C have unveiled a logo for HTML5, which they define as “a general-purpose visual identity for a broad set of open web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, SVG, WOFF, and others.” Makes sense to use a buzzword to popularize open technologies.


In addition to a logo for HTML5 itself, specific classes of features and technologies are also given logos of their own. The logos are clean, but not always clear, visual representations of the technology they represent. Here are the classes, the technologies they cover and their corresponding logos:

  • Semantics
    HTML5 itself

  • Offline and Storage
    App Cache, Local Storage, Indexed DB, and the File APIs

  • Device Access
    The device element

  • Connectivity
    WebSockets, Server-Sent Events

  • Multimedia
    Audio and Video

  • 3D, Graphics, & Effects
    SVG, Canvas, WebGL, and CSS3 3D features

  • Performance & Integration
    Web Workers and XMLHttpRequest 2

  • CSS3
    CSS3, WOFF etc

The idea is that one can build a badge based on the class of features used on their site to tout their usage of open standards. Here is an example of a badge for a website that uses HTML5 semantics, CSS3, multimedia, and connectivity:

HTML5 Powered
with Connectivity / Realtime, CSS3 / Styling, Multimedia, and

Some people are obviously upset by the move since the W3C is one people look up to to clarify the current confusion of standards rather then giving said confusion a visual identity. While this identity crisis is certainly not a good thing, fortunately, this logo has not yet been declared as “official” by the W3C, leaving it up to the community to embrace it before declaring it official.