10 Must-have Google Chrome extensions

Published Date
09 - Dec - 2009
| Last Updated
09 - Dec - 2009
10 Must-have Google Chrome extensions
The Chrome Gallery is now up! So which extensions will you download next? Here are a few of our suggestions.

This Chrome extension is a must have for anyone who's frustrated by online advertisements. The AdThwart extension -- which is based on the popular Adblock Plus Firefox add-on -- makes your internet browsing experience much better, faster and less cluttered by automatically disabling advertisements.
While Chrome Frame will bring you the Chrome engine inside IE, this nifty extension does the opposite. With IE Tab you can open a tab in Chrome which uses the IE engine, for those few websites which still haven't moved on.
Aviary is perhaps the most comprehensive of graphic editing suites on the internet today. It gives you access to an online image editor, markup tool, vector editor, color editor, effects editor and even an audio editor! With this extension you now have easy access to all of their tools, and with the added support to capture the webpage you are browsing and edit it straight in your browser.
One Number
As time goes on your Chrome Extensions list is sure to grow, and start crowding the interface. This awesome extension lets you save space by providing one single button to check up on four Google services, GMail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Google Wave.
Vertical tabs
As you open more pages in Chrome it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the tabs, as they are all crowded at the top. The titles can become unreadable even when a small number of tabs if open, if you have a smaller screen. The vertical tabs extension instead allows you to get a drop down listing of all your tabs with their complete titles so you can manage you tabs with greater ease.
Too Many Tabs
Another extension to manage all your open tabs, TooManyTabs shows you an interesting chart of all open tabs, complete with page previews. You can even sort your tabs by name, web address or opening time and find tabs by searching. It comes with a host of features to lat you manage your tabs effectively.
Cool Iris
Users of the Firefox extension will be aware of this extension, which overloads your multimedia experience on the internet. This extension gives you a rich 3d interface for browsing content from many of the popular websites such as youTube, Picasa, Flickr, Google Image search..
Chrome gestures
For all people who use their mouse a lot, Mouse gestures allow you to have more complicated interactions with a page than just point and click. With gesture support you can perform complicated operations with your mouse, which would normally require the keyboard. Chrome Gestures
Docs PDF/ PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)

Docs PDF/ PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)
It can be quite annoying indeed when you encounter a PDF file or a word document, or a powerpoint presentation online, and need to open them just to take a peek. This extension can load up such documents straight in the Google Docs viewer eliminating the need for you to download them and load up another application.


Facebook for Chrome
For many people Facebook is just a tab open waiting for something to happen. With the Facebook Chrome extension, you can keep tabs on whats going on in Facebook without needing to keep the website open. Instead you can check your Wall, your feed and notifications, and even update your status all from a nifty popup.



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