1 in 3 won't spend time with their Facebook friends in person: Survey

A recent report states that nearly one in three people don't want to spend time with their Facebook friends but wont delete.

Published Date
09 - Oct - 2013
| Last Updated
09 - Oct - 2013
1 in 3 won't spend time with their Facebook friends in person: Su...

According to a recent survey people want to spend time with only 10 percent of their Facebook friends. The survey found that one out of three people will not spend any time with their Facebook friends in reality, but will not delete them from the list because they are scared of missing out on gossip.

The survey was conducted on 2,863 adults over the age of 18 in which 34 percent admitted that they have Facebook friends who they will ignore in real life. One-fifth of the people surveyed admitting to using Facebook to spy on their kids and other relatives.

Some users even disliked a few of their so-called mates and only remained connected through Facebook to see their photos, or if they were related. Nearly 20 percent of people surveyed admitted that they have arguments over issues like vague status messages. 36 percent of the people surveyed admitted that they keep colleagues on Facebook in case they need them to make future contacts.

George Charles, marketing director of VoucherCodesPro in UK, which conducted the study stated, "It seems with the results of this study, the old saying about keeping your friends close, but your enemies even closer, is definitely alive and well even in today's society with our reliance on the internet."

A recent survey by Media Effects Research Laboratory reveals that Facebook users profiles reflect their feelings of self-esteem and self-determination. According to the study, people with lower self-esteem like to continuously monitor their Facebook wall for updates, while people high self-esteem add more information about themselves on the social networking sites. The survey found that people with both high and low self esteem tend to spend a lot of their time on building their profiles on social networking sites like Facebook.

Source: Metro.co.uk