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How to use new features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

By Team Digit | Published on 03 Jan 2014
  • Premiere Pro CS6 introduces some new professional features such as Reference and Program monitors, hover scrub, warp stabilizing, and more.

How to use new features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

For a long time Premiere Pro has been living under the shadows of FCP and Avid Media Composer. This time around Premiere Pro CS6 comes packed with a host of new features with a view to increase it’s professional user base.

Reference and Program Monitor
The Reference Monitor behaves like a secondary Program Monitor. You can use a Reference monitor to compare the frames of a sequence or to view the same frame of a sequence using different view modes. You can set the Reference Monitor and Program Monitor so that both of them monitor the same frame. You can do this doing either of these two commands:
• Reference Monitor’s panel menu > Gang To Program Monitor
• Program Monitor’s panel menu > Gang To Reference Monitor
Hover Scrub
A welcome addition to Premiere Pro CS6, now when you hover your mouse over any clip in your project panel it will be played at the rate as the which your mouse movers over the clip and all this without having to select the clip first. 
You can also select the ‘in’ and ‘out’ points for your clip while you’re hover scrubbing.Set in and ‘out’ points on the fly by hitting the ‘I’ key when you get to a desired in point and the ‘O’ key when you get to a desired out point. 
Mark “in” and “out” points in a clip 
Warp Stabilizing & Rolling Shutter Repair
To do this in the earlier versions you would’ve had to export the file to After Effects and once you’ve made the corrections import it back into Premiere Pro. This time around in Premiere Pro CS6 the Warp Stabilizer and Rolling Shutter Repair have been integrated into the application itself.
It is a common problem for DSLR and other CMOS sensor-based cameras is that they typically have a lag time between scanning lines of video. Although the Warp Stabilizer effect has a rolling shutter repair effect within it, may be times when you want to repair a rolling shutter problem, but you do not need to stabilize the shot. Using both of these effects is super easy just drag and drop the effect from Effect from the Effects panel and you’re done.
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