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Geyser is a common household appliance in every Indian household. For winters, you can plan on getting the latest geyser for your home with better heating efficiency, less time-consuming, and energy-efficient. The new geyser model is available in Gas or Electric variant, and depending upon the geyser price list, you can choose the one best fits your budget and requirement. You will find an array of the latest geyser with full specifications and functionalities listed below. We have also prepared a list of geyser prices in India to help you shortlist according to the price range. Geysers have multiple benefits, and providing hot water during winter is the utmost feature. The new geyser model has the capability of storing hot water for a prolonged span. You can also select in depending on its size, so for a family of 4-6 members, a large geyser will effectively solve the purpose.

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