Zypad WL 1000

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2006
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01 - Oct - 2006
Zypad WL 1000
Wearable computers have long been high on geeks' wish-lists. Now a pan-European firm called Eurotech has inched just that much closer to geektopia with the Zypad WL 1000-the wearable computer you can actually go buy!

The device treads the line between a laptop and PDA in terms of power and weight. It's about twice as big as your watch, and packs a solid punch in terms of performance-running on a powerful AU 1100 processor operating at 400 MHz, 64 MB of Flash and 64 MB of onboard memory. And at 290 grams, it's light enough to be quite comfortable. Among its other features are a 3.5-inch touch-screen that displays 256K colours with automatic contrast adjusting.

Apart from being an über-toy, the device is useful for those who need to access and update information in real time, such as military personnel, security officers, and medical staff.

The Zypad uses 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth. Unless you've already guessed, the thing has GPS integrated, so the user can be continually tracked. It also sports an accelerometer that can determine whether the user is moving (and even if he has fallen!)-perfect to track your gang during adventure treks.

This is one superb example of European engineering. At $2,500 (Rs 1.13 lakh), it's not for everyone-but then, it's only just hit the markets!

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