Zebion launches intrusion alert systems Argoz for homes, offices and warehouses

New range of intrusion detection systems by Zebion named Argoz will alert owners about any form of burglary or unauthorised trespassing.

Published Date
04 - Mar - 2015
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04 - Mar - 2015
Zebion launches intrusion alert systems Argoz for homes, offices...

Zebion, a Pune based electronics company has launched a range of intrusion detection system named Argoz, that will be able to notify the owners instantly in case of a burglary or unauthorised trespassing. The notification will be delivered either to the owner's mobile number or through an app. If the primary contact is unavailable, the owner can also add more numbers to contact. The systems will be available for homes, offices and warehouses.

At a media launch event in Le Méridien Pune, Zebion’s Director and CEO, Yogesh Dagale explained “With the incidence of break-in and thievery on the rise in virtually every setting (residential and commercial) Argoz opens a new chapter in society’s fight against crime”. CCTVs alone aren't capable enough to have a robust security system since it is effectively used after a security breach has occurred and not for prevention. As Saurabh Dey, Zebion’s CMO, explained “Argoz and CCTV are complementary products, and they work synergistically”.

The Argoz systems come in four different variants based on the needs and the environment. Argoz Regular is preferred for a single large room, capable of covering a range of 18 feet. Argoz Plus and Argoz Via can be used in large apartments, multi-level stores or multi-level offices, using a series of extender units for larger areas. Argoz Grand comes with a built-in camera that clicks photographs of the area under coverage and sends it to the owner's phone through a mobile app. The bigger intrusion system, Argoz Grand will let the owners remotely monitor their coverage premises when an intrusion occurs.

Yogesh Dagale pointed out that all Argoz products can be easily installed. He said “Argoz is effortless to setup and needs no technical knowledge. It requires very low maintenance”. Zebion expects to formally launch Argoz in May.

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