& Jump Games get cricketing with Ishant Sharma

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06 - May - 2008
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06 - May - 2008 & Jump Games get cricketing with Ishant Sharma

Zapak launches an online mobile game based on the latest pace sensation of India – Ishant Sharma

The two gaming divisions of Reliance Entertainment, a part of the Reliance ADA Group, namely Zapak Digital Entertainment and Jump Games today announced a tie-up with the latest pace sensation of India, Ishant Sharma. As a part of the deal, would be creating and hosting an online game based around the cricketer while Jump Games would be creating a mobile game for him. 

This is a browser based cricket game based on the young Indian cricket prodigy Ishant Sharma. The game allows the player to step into Ishant’s shoes and play as him wherein he bowls five overs to an opponent batsmen. The game is set against the backdrop of a packed international cricket stadium with the crowd cheering him on. 

A user is offered numerous bowling options such as in and out swingers and seamers, straight balls along with special deliveries such as a Yorker which has to be used intelligently. The player has to get the batsman out in the lowest number of balls while giving the least number of runs. The game will be the first of its kind cricket based bowling-only-game. 

Cricket Fever showcases the ace bowler Ishant Sharma's bowling skills to the max. It is a ten-over cricket game where the player opens the over as Ishant Sharma and shoots his deliveries towards the opponent's batsman. The game offers an exhaustive array of deliveries like yorkers, in-cutters, out-swingers and the player can also control the speed and swing of the ball. 

On this occasion, Rajesh Sawhney, President, Reliance Entertainment Ltd. said, “We believe that Cricket is not just a sport but a religion in India and we at Reliance Entertainment are all set to capitalize on the huge opportunity this game presents. Gaming is a new industry in India and we believe that Cricket can play a significant catalyst to give the industry the right kind of growth impetus. Today we have created both an Online and a Mobile game around Ishant Sharma, these are the first of their kind bowling only cricket games and are sure to be a hit with all cricketing fans in India.” 

Giving insights into his first online and mobile avatar, Ishant Sharma said, “Today the youngsters are no longer content with usual ways of playing a game they want it across all means of communication mediums be it television, mobile or the internet. We Indians are excited at all forms of cricket, for us cricketers are demi-god, cricket is a religion. I’m excited about this new Online and Mobile avatar that I’m donning as it gives me another opportunity to connect with this cricket crazy nation.”

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