World's first 10Gbps Wi-Fi technology to arrive next year

The new wireless technology will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 1GBps over the air.

Published Date
21 - Apr - 2014
| Last Updated
21 - Apr - 2014
World's first 10Gbps Wi-Fi technology to arrive next year

Quantenna Communications has unveiled a new Wi-Fi technology that it's calling "10G Wi-Fi". The new wireless technology will support data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps and a much wider range than the current Wi-Fi technology.

The Wi-Fi technology is likely to be introduced in 2015. Quantenna Communications had announced earlier that it will launch a new chipset next year that will make the "10G Wi-Fi" possible. The company is already known for supplying hardware to companies like AT&T, Belgacom, DIRECTV, France Telecom, Swisscom and Telefonica.

Quantenna also says that ASUS is using Quantenna's 802.11ac chipset to build the world's fastest consumer router. The company also claims to be the first to support MU-MIMO (a technology used to transmit data to multiple devices at once).

“We’ve made 4x4 MU-MIMO a reality, but we can’t stop there,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO, Quantenna Communications. “The demand for reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi will only increase. The number of Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home is growing faster than anyone predicted. Outdoor applications like carrier Wi-Fi, mobile offload and broadband delivery are quickly emerging. Wi-Fi has to keep up. That’s where 10G Wi-Fi comes in. Wi-Fi is no longer a convenience. People expect it to ‘just work’ even with demanding applications like HD video streaming. With Quantenna’s 10G Wi-Fi, they’ll always get the performance they expect—even as their expectations continue to rise.”

The company is planning to incorporate the 4x4 offerings to its next upcoming 10G Wi-Fi chipsets in 2015. These chipsets will also support MIMO configurations of up to 8x8.

Source: Quantenna