Windows KDE4: Kate (Text Editor)

Published Date
15 - Oct - 2009
| Last Updated
15 - Oct - 2009
Windows KDE4: Kate (Text Editor)

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Kate is an advanced simple text editor for the KDE environment, and offers some powerful features. For more simpler needs, KDE4 also comes with KWrite.

With support for some good features for working with multiple files, by allows multiple "tabs", an integrated file browser, file bookmarks, and sessions. With the sessions feature it is can save the state of the application, i.e. open files, enabled extensions, etc. which gives you a preliminary project-like support.

It also supports syntax highlighting, code folding, code suggestion, an integrated console, and even preliminary code completion, making it a powerful tool for writing or displaying scripts and codes.

With support for plugins, extensions and scripts, its functionality can be extended even further. Some of the functionality it supports such as spelling checking, text to speech are available using plugins included with the application.

For the advanced Windows user, this could be looked at as a replacement for applications such as Notepad (although it differs in functionality).

Kate Sessions
Session management in KateAn .ini file with syntax highlighting and code folding for sections.Kate can be extended with plugins, and alarge number of small important pulgins is incuded
The editor component of Kate can also be used by other applications, and supportd extension plugins and scriptsAn XML file opened with Kate, with the file browser panel open to allow quick browsing of files.The multi-colored list on the left side which shows open files, the strength of the color represents the order in which the files were last displayed Protection Status