Windows 8 rumoured to have graphic intensive Wind interface for high-end computers

Published Date
09 - Dec - 2010
| Last Updated
09 - Dec - 2010
Windows 8 rumoured to have graphic intensive Wind interface for h...

The guys who brought us the leaked slides of Windows 8 are at it again, with new information regarding the operating system and its graphic user interface features. According to windows8italia, Windows 8 will have two very different versions of the operating system for 32-bitWhere to buy 6717 6717 and 64-bitWhere to buy 26990 5896. High-end notebook and desktop computers with dedicated video memory and discrete graphics cards will get the goods if they opt for the 64-bit version, in this case, goods means a fully-3D GUI called “Wind”.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Requiring a minimum of 170MB video memory for itself, Windows 8's Wind interface will apparently be “fully dynamic”, adapting to user preferences and usage patterns on the fly. Apart from shortcuts and tiles, the interface will also offer super-fast hibernation times, saving a system state of all open documents, applications and tasks in 3-6 seconds.

Windows 8Where to buy 23749 1721, due out only in 2012 according to industry speculation and previous rumours, will supposedly take a different approach to operating systems than what Microsoft currently offers, with more emphasis on cloud computing.

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal