Windows 8 plans leaked, sound awesome; Windows Store to be Microsoft's App Store

Published Date
29 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
29 - Jun - 2010
Windows 8 plans leaked, sound awesome; Windows Store to be Micros...

In the last few months, leaked pictures and documents become have become a daily affair for us.

However, this one made us sit straight and notice - leaked footprints for Windows 8. Seriously, we haven’t yet poured even half our love over the awesome Windows 7, before this thing hit us square this morning. Like all leaks, only time shall confirm the authenticity of these numerous leaked slides. But the detail and the obvious directions they point to, give them a lot of weight.

These slides, each labelled confidential, probably were used for some behind-the-doors presentation and contain tremendous detail and some very mouth-watering prospects. For the eager eyes, here lies the list and our views.

Kinect-style sensing: When Microsoft put so much effort behind the creation of the wonder that is Kinect (earlier known as ‘Project Natal’), we expected (and wished in our dreams!) that the technology would be ported to the Windows too. There is ‘no’ sign of motion gestures for operating Windows, or any mention of motion-based gaming, but the slides show the plans of motion-detection to put Windows to ‘sleep’ or ‘wake’ it up. Yes, as the slides above indicate, plans are that user’s entry or exit would be used to log-in or put the computer to sleep. This would also mark the introduction of sensor support, like proximity sensors, to Windows. Neat, but we want more of Kinect!


Quick on/off: Booting times are irritating, we know! They may soon, however, be a thing of the past as Microsoft plans to introduce a feature, dubbed as ‘Log off Hibernate’, that would enable quick powering up from 0 watts consumption. This also is in line with the “Big stuff” that ‘ This is an absolute necessity, considering that Windows 8 is as much for handhelds (which needs always-on operating system) as it is for desktops. More on ‘Windows 8 and handhelds’, read on.


Windows Store: It’s a trend Apple started and now everyone wants to have an App store. But we suppose that Windows is a platform which needs this the most. Here’s our view: Rivals have always thrown dirt on Microsoft for the vulnerability and the security loopholes in its operating system. App store not only give Microsoft a huge source of revenue but also a point of centralised vigilance. As one of the slides suggests, developers would be able to upload the app to be available in only certain geographical areas, and also decide the type of devices it would be available for. The concept pictures show an all-encompassing vision, especially the 'developer's dashboard' above, which would be additional lure for them, if billions of users of Windows aren't. We just can’t seem to stress enough how much difference this would make. Instead of unreliable software from around the net, finally, we can have reliable, checked Apps. The largest of platforms might be the last to get its App store, but take our word, it would dwarf all others around.



Read on to know more great features of Windows 8....



Windows 8 and handhelds: It is common knowledge that Microsoft has not yet been able to get any kind of hold on tablet or handheld market. Windows 8 plans to change that with more support for portable devices like slates. We can safely assume that the Windows would surely get more touch friendly. Another major plus would be the supposed portability of the Apps you buy for PC, onto the tablet. Even your settings would be ported to your portable device. (see slide) Seamless!



The different flavours of Windows 8: We are all too familiar with the different flavours of Android that different mobile manufacturers have been serving by customising the UI of the ‘vanilla’ Android provided by Google. Windows 8 would follow the same lines, as manufacturers would be able to customise the UI and add application on the ‘vanilla’ Windows. Moreover, for further bonds with manufacturers, Microsoft will enable them to have their own customised stores too, something like ‘HP Store - powered by Windows Store’. Also, Microsoft will enable them to customise the OS in accordance with the kind of device they want to port it to. Thus, the manufacturers would be able to customise five aspects of Windows 8: Application, Devices(that the Windows is running on), Multimedia, Help & Support, and UI & Theming.


Support for newer technologies: 3D is the next big thing. And Microsoft acknowledges that. There is a mention of this in one of the slides and we our imagination is running wild already. So when a window is minimized, how about it going ‘deeper’. How about a folder really ‘popping-out’. Ah! the right half of our brains is hyper-active. The OS would be touch friendly and HD-ready. There is also support for sensors, like proximity sensors (and maybe infrared sensors for Kinect-like gaming!). Moreover, the new Windows would have built-in support for USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0.



 Quick reset: We have wished this a million times each day. Having our Windows run like it did on the very first day. But our precious data and tedious re-installation of applications forces us to drag on. But Windows 8 could probably do this with the feature called "Push to Reset', with one click, without loss of data. And as one of the slides shows, their is a one button solution to download and install all your applications again. The perfect back-up solution too.

We are already very excited at the prospects of the concept that this Windows is turning out to be. So has Microsoft finally learned the success recipe? Well, there were ‘EXTRA CLEAR’ indication of whose teaching these recipes to MS. Click the picture below and see for yourself! Protection Status