Windows 7 pricing structure released

Published Date
26 - Jun - 2009
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26 - Jun - 2009
Windows 7 pricing structure released

Microsoft has announced the pricing for it's upcoming Windows 7 Operating System, due for release on October 22nd, and it has an attractive offer for those opting to upgrade right away.

Early upgraders may be able to get a Windows 7 upgrade for as little as $49.99 in lieu of $119.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium, and $99.99 in lieu of $199.99 for those upgrading to Windows 7 Professional. The Windows 7 Ultimate adopters currently see no benefit from this scheme.

This offer is set to run for a limited amount of time or more accurately, based on the number of units sold. Microsoft plans to have this offer available only for a limited number of units, which it claims is quite a generous amount.

Still, what do we Indians have to benefit? Well, nothing really, since these offers are available only in countries where the even cheaper free upgrade option of pirated software is not quite as popular.


Windows 7 SKUFull retail price“Special” Upgrade PriceStandard Upgrade Price
Home Premium199.9949.99119.99

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