Windows 10's 'Something happened' is the funniest error message ever

The 'Something happened' error screen during Windows 10 installation is quickly turning into hilarious memes

Published Date
30 - Jul - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2017
Windows 10's 'Something happened' is the funniest error message e...

Windows 10 installations in a lot of places are showing up with an error message - 'Something happened'. While it is quite clear that something indeed happened, it doesn’t tell you what happened. Moreover, making things worse, the second line of the message telling you what happened also says, 'something happened'.

We have so far been lucky enough with our installations, and 'something' has not yet happened. People across the world, however, have not exactly been that fortunate. Many users have taken to Twitter, and the error, which apparently happens because of a wrongly-selected language pack, is now being seen with funny sides up.

Twitter user Nico Van den Winckel came up with this:

...and this was only the beginning.

This gentleman got his prediction spot-on...

It is literally a 'stupid' bug in the new operating system that has otherwise had a pretty nice start, with a number of functional, security and visual upgrades. The problem was solved by monoWench in Reddit, who stated that all that a user needs to do is to match his region setting with the language pack. For users based in the US, they needed to download and install the English (U.S) language pack, and the error disappears.

Looks like we already have a widely-discussed bug in Windows 10, and a pretty hilarious one.

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