Where, And How Much?

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01 - Apr - 2005
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01 - Apr - 2005
Where, And How Much?
Q. I want to purchase an AMD Athlon 64-bit 3000 Processor and an MSI K8N Neo Motherboard, but my retailer says it is not available. Where can I find retailers dealing in these products, and what would the prices be like?

I cannot give you the address of a specific retailer in your locality, but I can give you the details of distributors who may be able to tell you where to purchase the items from. The distributors for AMD processors are Tech Pacific, and can be contacted at 022-55960101, and for the MSI motherboard, you should contact Cyberstar Infocom at 0-9323809599, or Tirupati Enterprises at 0-98310022600. A simpler way of getting around the problem is to post your query on our forums at www.thinkdigit.com/forum. Forum members who stay in or around your area will help you find the right place to buy these components.

Upgrade Now Or Later?
Q. My system configuration is an Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor with HT technology, an Intel 865GBF original motherboard, and 256 MB of DDR 400 RAM. I want to upgrade my graphics card so I can play the latest games such as Half-life 2 and DOOM 3. The new series of cards from nVidia and ATi are expensive, so does it make sense to buy a MX-4000-based card for now and then later opt for the new cards when they get cheaper?
Ajit Das

If you really want to play Half-Life 2, DOOM 3 and other upcoming games, then settling for an MX-4000-based card is not going to help you. In the next two years, graphics card manufacturers will move to the newer PCI-e interface, and it will become difficult to find a high-end AGP card. This will put you in a fix, and you will have no option but to upgrade your entire system, since your current motherboard does not support PCI-e. I suggest you invest in a good AGP card now, so that your system will allow you to play most of the upcoming games. Remember, when it comes to IT, there's always something better looming on the horizon, and if you keep waiting, you are bound to end up spending a lot of money on components you don't really want.

Recording Via TV-Tuner
Q. I want to purchase a TV-tuner card, mainly to record content from my VCR and TV programmes. I want you to help me choose a good card with capturing capability. My budget is Rs 3,000.
G V V Rao

For Rs 3,000, there are many good TV-tuner cards that you can buy. Aver TV GO 007, Pinnacle PCTV Pro and Compro Videomate are the cards you should be looking at. Though these cards support video capture, the output isn't exactly of a professional quality, just in case you are thinking of using such cards to convert your VHS tapes to CD. The price for these cards will vary between Rs 2,250 and Rs 3,000.

A Workstation And A Cabinet
Q. I am currently in the process of building a workstation and need a full tower enclosure, but have been unsuccessful in locating a dealer. I would appreciate your help in locating a dealer, and if possible, please mention the brand and the price of the cabinet I should be looking at.

You can opt for Antec tower cabinets-they have some good models meant for workstations. Their 'Performance' series has an array of cabinets to choose from, I would personally recommend the Performance Plus 660AMG. You should also check out the roomy P160, which Antec claims they have made from recycled fighter jets.

Antec cabinets come with efficient and reliable power supplies and are hence more expensive than other products, so be prepared to spend a lot more. You can contact Cyber Space Abacus on 044-24917667, or visit their Web site www.theitdepot.com.

The Future-proofing Problem
  This month, I got a lot of queries regarding a good CPU-motherboard combination, or a good PC configuration that is at least two years future-proof. I decided to list down the components that you should be looking for.

The motherboard mentioned below is based on ATi's new Express 200 chipset and has integrated graphics that will let you play most games at playable frame rates. However, if you are an avid gamer, you should consider adding the 6600 graphics card, but remember, this board supports PCI-Express and not AGP. I have mentioned indicative prices for these components; remember that they will differ from location to location.

Future-proofing Your PC
CPU  AMD 939 pin Athlon64 3000 or 3200  Rs 7,500 
Motherboard  MSI RS480M2 Rs 6,500 
RAM 512 MB DDR 400 Hynix Rs 3,500 
HDD 80 GB SATA Samsung/Seagate Rs 2,650 
Monitor 17-inch Acer 715  Rs 6,500 
Keyboard Logitech  Rs 300 
Mouse Logitech Optical Rs 300 
Cabinet  Any cabinet you like Rs 500 
Power supply Antec/VIP 350 W power supply  Rs 2,000 
Optical drive Lite-On/Sony Combo drive Rs 2,750 
 TOTAL Rs 32,500 
Graphics card  XFX Geforce 6600 card  Rs 12,000 

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