What to expect at Microsoft's Build 2016

Microsoft is holding its annual Build developer conference from March 30 to April 1 and the company is expected to make announcements related to Windows 10, UWP, HoloLens, and more.

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29 - Mar - 2016
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30 - Mar - 2016
What to expect at Microsoft's Build 2016

Microsoft is hosting its annual Build developer conference from March 30 to April 1 this year. During the conference, Microsoft is expected to make a number of key announcements related to Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform, HoloLens, IoT, and more. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s Build conference.

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Windows 10 
After announcing the new operating system last year, Microsoft may unveil some new features for the OS. The company is expected to bring updates to Notifications and Live Tiles, with “two highly-requested surprises” for the latter. Rumours suggest that Microsoft may introduce interactive Live Tiles that would allow users to interact with them without opening the app. The company is also expected to talk about its new Edge browser and show ways developers could integrate biometric identification into websites using Windows Hello.

The company may also talk about the future of Cortana and Continuum at the event. Finally, there may also be talk about game development on Windows, now that games will be available across consoles, PC, phones, tablets, and more.

Universal Windows Platform 
Last year, the company unveiled its Windows bridges that would allow developers to port apps from other platforms like iOS and Android over to Windows. However, following the acquisition of Xamarin, Microsoft discontinued the Android bridge called Project Astoria. Xamarin allows developers to write apps in a single programing language and customise the software to run on Android, iOS, and Windows. The company may also showcase some improvements in the user interface and experience in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The first shipments of the Developer Edition of the HoloLens start from March 30, so expect Microsoft to talk about development for the AR headset. The company has been talking about HoloLens every chance it gets anyway. Microsoft will be holding sessions on educational experiences in HoloLens as well as its apps. The company is holding a session on developing UWP apps on HoloLens. These apps are called ‘2D apps’ by Microsoft, since they are projected on 2D surfaces and the company will inform developers how to ensure their apps work well on a platform like HoloLens.

Microsoft is expected to talk about bringing UWP apps to the Xbox One console now that it has received the Windows 10 update. The company will be hosting a session on how to build apps for the console as well as integrating Windows 10 UWP games with Xbox Live. In addition, the company may talk about cross-platform play.

IoT and Cloud
Microsoft is also expected to talk about IoT and the cloud at Build 2016. The company is holding a number of sessions on its Azure cloud computing platform and IoT. In addition, the company will talk about building apps for Azure as well as home automation using IoT and UWP apps.

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