What?EUR(TM)s With Tape?

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2006
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01 - Oct - 2006
What’s With Tape?
Paris Hilton of caught-on-tape fame has been caught on tape. She was arrested for doing two incompatible things at one time, namely, drinking alcohol and driving. Unfortunately, no-one caught any drunken slurs of hers-footage posted on celebrity Web site TMZ.com showed her arriving home after her release in a Mercedes-Benz with a cell phone to her ear and saying something inaudible.

That could have included drunken slurs, but we can't be too sure.

Paris Hilton was caught on tape in another incident: billing and cooing with drummer Travis Barker in a NY nightclub, though she insists he's just a friend. TMZ.com posted a video of the drummer and the gets-caught-on-tape girl doing it at the club Marquee.

We swear we won't mention Ms Hilton again when she next gets caught on tape. But then, we do break our promises.

Rude Ringtones
Allow us to repeat our favourite stock phrase here: What is the world coming to? Mel Gibson was tipsy behind the wheel sometime in July, and some police officers didn't take kindly to it-upon which Gibson turned to profanity. Paris Hilton was pulled up for the same thing in September, and she said a DUI "was nothing." Now a company called Oasys has come up with ScandalTones which are-you almost guessed it-ringtones, available for free at www.oasysmobile.com. The tones mock Gibson's tirade and do a spoof on whatever it was Hilton said. Celebs now have more reason to beware the paparazzi.

Don't expect any commentary here: ringtones based on celebs taking offence to DUI charges. What is the world coming to?

Slow On The Uptake
OK,so we lied. We said some months ago we'd never mention Britney here, and here we are again, and all because one member of our team still has a crush on the ex-cute blonde. So sue us.

Sutton Pierce Federline is the latest addition to the Spears-Federline family, and though he's about a few weeks old and can't lip-sync yet, suttonpiercefederline.com has already been registered. Just after he was born, in fact.

Britney and Kevin Federline weren't prudent enough to emulate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who, too, recently had a baby, as we exclusively reported a couple of months ago. Their lawyers registered several permutations of their baby's name as domains.

Britney can take comfort in the fact that there's lipsync.com out there, but it's taken-first take some tips off the karaoke site, then make an offer, is what we'd suggest.

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