WardWiz unveils a complete 'System Environment Essentials'

WardWiz launches a comprehensive security solution giving the IT security market a new dimension.

Published Date
12 - Sep - 2014
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12 - Sep - 2014
WardWiz unveils a complete 'System Environment Essentials'

"No more an antivirus‟ is the futuristic roar by WardWiz a result of a multi-year investment in the build of a next-generation security solution - ‘System Environment Essentials’. As part of this launch, attendees have witnessed a unique insight in the world of systems security.

More than 200 Dealers, Distributors and Partners from across states and geographies were present and witnessed products being introduced, Technical briefings, Organizational structure and Operational policies, Brand values which reinforce WardWiz‟s leadership in one of the booming sectors of the technology. While WardWiz manages its technical researches in house, Adnest Creative Communication mandates the brand communication activity for WardWiz.

The new product line is the most simple, efficient and affordable. Various security software versions are available and are designed specifically for home, small and medium-sized businesses. The „WardWiz Essential’ is a comprehensive optimized package besides encompassing the attributes of being an antivirus. It delivers smart features like Rootkit protection, malware protection, Compressed File Scan, Infected File Quarantine to mention a few.

‘WardWiz Pro‟ holds the top place on the shelf with its features and quality outputs. Features include a new version of Email Scan and Auto Clean Infected Files software that automatically cleans files which are infected. It brings in the power of new operating environment that doubles system performance with no hardware up gradation

WardWiz Basic „entails the provision of basic gear that acts as a vaccine against commonly known and found virus attacks. The upcoming versions „WardWiz Elite‟ will have offerings such as Parental Control, Ad Blocker, Firewall Elite, Hijack Protection features which will pave a way ahead for future system security.

The Promise

WardWiz the technology trendsetter in IT security, extended its lead in the security market with the announcement of its new product line and capabilities designed to make it simpler than ever for businesses and organizations of all sizes to harness and counter the most tricky and hazardous of security threats that encounter each day.

WardWiz with its 3 new security products features more than 20 security elements– including new innovative solution packaging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), new unified security for the midrange, new technology for high-end and expert support systems. The technologies are part of a multi-billion-dollar investment in security that positions WardWiz at the intersection of all the major trends that are driving massive information security growth.

“2014 was a record-breaking year for Timlic and just as our business has grown, so has the amount of security risk we encounter in the world of technologies like viruses and hijacking systems. We‟ve worked closely with WardWiz for quite a long period to deploy the latest security technologies to improve efficiencies, performance and to automate IT security processes so that our technical staff can focus more of their time on business initiatives. As a global company and brand, it is important for us to work with technology leaders like WardWiz to support our infrastructure. This new system in whole will play a key role in the IT environment‟s security as we focus on the introduction and expansion of new deliveries.” -Mr. Harald Sunder, COO, Timlic.

“WardWiz brings in an immense innovation in security and enhancement of systems. Up gradation of a system‟s security is of prime importance contrast to the market challenges and a staggering growth in internet traffic. The scalable architecture delivered by WardWiz family with advanced security technologies has enabled it to offer Vaccines for System across the multiple categories they cater to." -Dr. UdoEngelen, CFO, Timlic.

“Macwin & WardWiz share a vision of helping customers transform their IT infrastructures through complete security, and systems security is at the foundation of this shift affecting customers of all sizes. Our technologies are tightly integrated and together provide a key enabler for the end user and the efficiency and agility of the entire infrastructure.” -MD, Macwin India “The first message that comes out of WardWiz is that – It is not an Antivirus. That itself leaves a deep impact on the consumer of this sector. It has created a product portfolio which caters as an end to end solution. The future holds Global Security Innovation and Researches which are in fast pace and WardWiz security products are surely the way forward.” - Senior Analyst at the Pathfinder

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