USB-C cables finally available on Google Store

These are the cables you've been waiting for; At least in India.

Published Date
16 - Dec - 2015
| Last Updated
17 - Dec - 2015
USB-C cables finally available on Google Store

A few months after releasing the flagship Nexus 6P and the much awaited revision of the beloved Nexus 5, i.e. the Nexus 5X in India, Google has made a few accessories available on the store. The three cables available now are the USB Type C to Type C, Type C to standard Type A and Type C to standard Type A adaptor. The cables are priced at Rs.1400, Rs.909 for the last two, respectively.

The Type C to Type C cables can only be used with the included wall plug with the Nexus 6P and other devices which use the latest USB C connector. Apart from other benefits, this cable can be used to charge one device with the other. Which means, you can now charge your 2015 Macbook with your Nexus 6P, transfer data between a OnePlus 2/Chromebook Pixel/Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P and so on. 

The USB Type C to Standard A plug cable can be used to charge your Type C device with any standard wall plug. Off brand Type C to Type A cables have come under heavy criticism by a particular Google Engineer, who has taken to Amazon to review each USB Type C cable available. So, watch out for faulty USB-C cables, which can damage your new devices. The Type C to Standard A adapter can be used to connect your existing USB accessories to your phone with the Type C connector. Unlike the microUSB OTG cables, this cable supports USB 3.0 standards, which promises transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbit/sec.

So, if you invested in a phone with the USB-C connector and were struggling to find good cables in India, buying them at the Google Store seems like the best bet for now. Although they’re expensive, your devices will be safe, especially since these cables are Google certified.

USB Type-C to USB Standard-A Adaptor 
USB Type-C to Type-C Cable
USB Type-C to USB Standard-A Plug Cable

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