Understanding the tech inside the new Gillette FlexBall Razor

Razors are flat, our faces aren't. And no matter how careful and precise they get, the physical limitations in terms of design and reach remain. Enter the new Gillette FlexBall, a refreshing entry in the razor segment that adapts and adjusts as per the contours of your face - so you don't have to.

Published Date
28 - Aug - 2015
| Last Updated
01 - Sep - 2015
Understanding the tech inside the new Gillette FlexBall Razor

Why are SUVs so popular and sought after? It is for their ability to adjust and adapt to all kinds of terrain without losing their composure. The FlexBall technology inside the new Gillette FlexBall Razor is like an SUV with individual suspension module for each wheel. As a result, it conquers each and every contour of your face with ease and precision, without you having to adjust, stretch or compromise on the difficult-to-reach contours of your face. How does the Gillette FlexBall tech work, you ask? Here’s a video

How the Gillette FlexBall technology works harder and smarter to deliver comfort, speed and precision.

Developed with over 5 years of research and extensive trials with volunteers across the globe, the FlexBall Technology allows the blades to pivot front to back as well as from side to side (up to 24 degrees).  This ensures that the full width of the cartridge gets to be more evenly in contact with your jawline, getting virtually every hair. And with the pivot in motion more than 80% of the time, it relieves your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints of the extra pressure. 

In other words, the razor puts in all the effort, so you don’t have to. And what you wake up to every morning is the most precise, closest and effortless shave.

FlexBall tech, well supported with 5 new features

Apart from the FlexBall technology, Gillette has further improved upon all aspects of the design that complement the FlexBall technology, take a look at some of those features.

Blades that are thinner, finer and better

Experience reengineered blades thinner than the wavelength of light combined with an advanced low-resistance coating that helps cut effortlessly through hair.

The Blade Stabilizer feature helps maintain an optimum spacing between the blades ensuring a comfortable shaving experience all the way.


Streamlined Comfort Guard

For a great shave, it’s essential that the razor blades are in optimum contact with your face. The streamlined Comfort Guard ensures this by channeling the excess shave prep and stretching the skin for a close, comfortable shaving experience.


Greater comfort with an enhanced lubrastrip

For a daily ritual like shaving, you need to ensure that the experience is smooth and easy on your skin. The Fusion ProGlide blades come with an enhanced lubrastrip infused with mineral oils and lubricating polymers that soothe your skin and allow the razor blades to glide effortlessly, even on repeat strokes.


Trim to precision

An improved precision trimmer at the back, combined with a comb guard, help align the long hairs better.


Better grip. Better control.

The Gillette Flexball Fusion ProGlide Razor comes with a more ergonomic grip (vs. Fusion) that offers you greater control.


The One-Stroke Shaver

Now that you know about all the technology and features of the new Gillette FlexBall Razor, here’s another video that shows the FlexBall tech in action, demonstrating the one-stroke shaving ability of the Gillette FlexBall Fusion ProGlide Razor

As the video demonstrates in a fun and interesting way, the Gillette FlexBall ensures that you don’t really need to adjust or take multiple shots at the difficult-to-reach areas and contours of your face. The razor does it for you by adjusting the blades. And what you get is the best shave for the least effort. Think it’s time to #OwnTheFlexBall? Here’s the link!

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