Twitter may soon introduce option to edit tweets

Get ready to edit your tweets

Published Date
30 - Dec - 2016
| Last Updated
05 - Jun - 2017
Twitter may soon introduce option to edit tweets

Twitter wants to allow users to edit their Tweets, but implementation is the only hurdle from that happening anytime soon. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is running a poll (on Twitter of course) asking users what features they would like to see from the micro-blogging platform in 2017. While the ideas range from control on trolling to making Twitter more topic-centric, the biggest request centered around option to edit tweets. Jack even followed up with another tweet asking whether edit is needed for a quick fix or for editing anytime. For Twitter to introduce option to edit anytime means that it would have to deploy even more backend resources to make sure the tweet appears edited everywhere even for those who retweet.

Twitter, which is going through a corporate shakeup with departure of key personnels is definitely thinking about the option. During the US Presidential election, Twitter transformed itself into a live streaming platform with live update on debates and more engaging content. The micro-blogging platform also managed to score exclusive rights to livestream NFL games, which brought it back into the limelight.

Twitter, which has been criticised for lacking vision and having failed to deliver new features seems intent to bring on new features for its core users, that may very well be an option to edit tweet.

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