Toshiba launches slew of products

Published Date
18 - Apr - 2008
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18 - Apr - 2008
Toshiba launches slew of products

Toshiba launches all-new series of Notebook PCs, LCD TVs, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines now available for the Indian consumer

Toshiba India, the 100 percent subsidiary of Japan's Toshiba Corporation, a provider of high technology and innovation, announced the launch of a new range of products spanning key product lines, including Notebook PCs, LCD TVs, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines. The new products deliver new levels of value to Indian consumers, are will further strengthen Toshiba's presence in the Indian market.

Alongside the launch announcement, and in another development of equal import, Toshiba also announced that Vidya Balan, one of India's most renowned and critically acclaimed actresses and film stars, will serve the company's Brand Ambassador to India.  The identification of Ms. Vidya Balan as the face of Toshiba is in line with the company's wholehearted commitment of Toshiba to its Indian operations, and the centrality of the customer-focus credo that Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd. follows in all of its activities. 

Commenting on the announcement, Yuzo Kato, Managing Director of Toshiba India said, "With the launch of this new range of advanced technology products, we want to demonstrate to Indian consumers our long term commitment to bring in the very latest products and technologies. We believe this step will give us a stronger, bolder presence here in the Indian Market, which is witnessing immense changes in the lifestyles of Indian consumers." 

He further added, "We are particularly delighted to have Vidya Balan as the face of the Toshiba brand in India. We are extremely aware of the good will and regard she enjoys from her inestimable fan following throughout the country, across generations and regions. I have no doubt that Ms. Vidya Balan's charisma and magic will add to the appeal of our products and services in India." 

With these new strategies Toshiba is targeting revenue of US$1 billion by 2015 in India.

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