Tom Clancy?EUR(TM)s GHOST- RECON Advanced Warfighter

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01 - Jun - 2007
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01 - Jun - 2007
Tom Clancy’s GHOST- RECON Advanced Warfighter

Realism was never my thing, and I hated Counter Strike-strange for an Indian, no? I do love FPS games though, and have played Doom III and HL2 (including Episode 1) countless times, and enjoyed them more every time.

Needless to say, when the GRAW 2 preview was dumped in my lap, I was less than thrilled. A little online reading told me that this was not the console-port I thought it was-always a good thing. Besides, Ubisoft doesn't make too many crappy games!             

On To The Game
GRAW 2 is set in 2014, in Mexico. Rebels have set the country in turmoil, and the Americans are helping the Mexican government fight them by sending in the Ghosts. I skipped all the talking and lecturing-"Just give me a sniper rifle and let me at 'em!"

The graphics are very impressive. There were the bugs that are expected of a preview: the game crashed a few times and shadow-effects are so bad that you start feeling a little dizzy-the shadows change very unrealistically when you move or turn.

Controlling my squad was very easy, and the AI seems good-they don't just stand around like morons while I get shot to faeces. They take cover, are excellent shots, and if anything, I found myself making them stay back so I could get a little killing done myself...until I got shot in the head by a sniper and died, that is. Without a save feature in the preview, dying was not an option. I sent them ahead everywhere after that! (Cluck, cluck)

Rating : 8/10
Developer : GRIN/Red Storm Entertainment
Publisher : Ubisoft
Distributor : E-Xpress Interactive
Contact :

The enemy AI is a little stupid though-quite often I would shoot 20 rounds at a baddie, killing him, while his buddy just sat 10 feet away looking in the other direction. Then he died.

The preview had three missions, and all of them were fun. I found myself listening to the introductions, paying attention to what headquarters was telling me, and gradually getting engrossed in the game. Blowing up tanks and artillery and sniping the frenzied Mexican rebels from a distance while they ran about confused and chanting "Americano, Americano" never seemed to get stale. I've heard that GRAW was hard, very hard. GRAW 2 struck me as easy, and I'm no Fatal1ty!

The maps are nice and large, and even though I had to complete set tasks, I could choose priority and the paths I took to do so-which made it feel unscripted.

I loved the choice of arsenal I had, and the customisability for most weapons is impressive-sniper rifles with suppressors are my favourite! The urban war scenario is also a lot more fun than the World War tactical shoot-em-ups, especially since the guns are more advanced here.

Overall, the preview was too short, and left me wanting more-which translates to: it's a great game! After getting a taste of GRAW 2, despite not being a fan of this genre, not only am I going to buy this game when it's out, but I'm also going to see what all the fuss about GRAW was about. If you like shooting guns in games, get this one as soon as it's released. 

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