TMI - 'John Doe: Has just passed gas'

Published Date
15 - Apr - 2009
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15 - Apr - 2009
TMI – 'John Doe: Has just passed gas'

How important are the people in your life? Isn't it lovely when you share pleasantries.. some small notions of our daily actions our little triumphs.


The web has made it so much easier hasn't it! Now you don't need to call and tell everyone when you FINALLY get that promotion, you can twitter it for free! Or make a Facebook status update or an Orkut update. Or if you really are the social butterfly, maybe all. It's so easy in fact that people have started updating some of their smaller triumphs.


Pappu Jones: “I just got that jar or marmalade open!”

Rinku Singh: “Good Job! I know how important that was to you this hour!”

Johnny Kapoor: “Phodu Yaar!”


But how far would you go?

It has come to our attention, that we may have gone too far.


Presenting the twittering chair, aimed to prove that “in that space between Flickr posts and Facebook updates”, exists your life, a life that MUST be twittered. This marvel of innovation has an inbuilt sensor which is capable of detecting unusual concentrations of methane, and via a complicated series of micro-controller programming, python code, and carpentry, you finally have a chair, that will twitter without the need of intervention, and tell the world, exactly when you fart.


Yes that's right! And its open source too! So whether you want to say “Hey dudes I just passed gas!”, or “It's getting smelly in here!”, it can so that for you! Use technology as-it-comes, go to and learn how you can make your own twittering chair.


As far as I am concerned, I've already placed an order to have one built, and delivered shortly before hell-freezes-over. Sometimes there is such a thing as Too Much Information.


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