Thompson Can't Practise Law Anymore

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
| Last Updated
01 - Oct - 2008
Thompson Can’t Practise Law Anymore

Jack Thompson has a history and has created an image for himself for speaking out and protesting against violent and obscene games. His attacks against Take-Two and Rockstar Entertainment for their games such as Bully and Grand Theft Auto have earned him the reputation. Recently, Jack Thompson was disbarred by a Florida court after he was found guilty of 27 of the 31 charges against him in the cases related to the game Bully. The offenses he was found guilty for were acts such as making false accusations without any proof. A fine of around $43,500 (20 Lakh) was also levied on him. He has now been given a month to clear all ongoing cases.


Jack Thompson hasn’t fully given up protesting this barring order, it is still a huge blow for him, and a victory for game developers. Thompson is now likely to need a lawyer to fight the disbarment order. Although he won’t be able to practice law anymore, don’t expect to see the last of Thompson just yet. He is most likely to continue his fight against violent game and other media just not in the court.

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