The GodFather The Game

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01 - May - 2006
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01 - May - 2006
The GodFather The Game
"Godfather"… the word immediately brings to mind the movie, widely acclaimed as one of the greatest films of all time. Nothing captures the gritty reality of New York in the forties better!

When Electronic Arts (EA) announced the game, based on the movie license, gamers everywhere took notice! A risky proposition this-taking one of the most beloved Mafioso franchises of all time and making a game actually based on the film.

You play a character that was neither a part of the Francis Coppola film, nor of the Mario Puzo novel. However, the game does accurately follow the movie storyline.

In The Beginning
You get to customise your gangster, which is a real treat, since you can fine-tune nearly every aspect, from hair style to eye colour and size, and even the dimple on his chin!

The game starts with a cutscene where you, as a kid, watch your father being gunned down by rival mobsters. Many years later, your mother asks the Don to take you under his wing (as a gangster wannabe of course). Hurrah-your life of crime has just begun!

The Job Profile
You start off as a minor thug for the mob-an "enforcer," carrying out various jobs for members of the Corleone family. While the game follows main missions that will further the plot, you are free to branch off into various side missions that will come by you. There is also extortion money to be had and illegal rackets to be bought out or taken over. These range from gambling dens to brothels and even illegal importing operations. All this dough will be put to good use bribing cops and to further your Family's influence.

Being A Mobster Has Looked Better
One of major let-downs of The Godfather is the overall look-graphics-wise, the Godfather looks pre-2000ish. Mafia, another gangster-based game released way back in 2002 looked way better. The game also makes heavy use of texture recycling, which means you'll be seeing a lot of identical-looking interiors and faces as well.

The Godfather borrows heavily from the GTA series-right from the safe haven-style save points, to the senseless violence you can bestow on the many citizens of New York, and let's not forget the crazy car chases! The Godfather doesn't encourage you to play this way, though.
Missions are varied, and depict several parts of the movie accurately: like the Don getting shot, you play the part of the driver here and shoot (and drive) your way to the hospital.

The combat system is decent, simple and effective, though the hand-to-hand becomes a simple grab-and-button-mash after a while. Shooting is a straight lock-on-and-shoot affair. But overall, the combat is enjoyable simply because of the number of ways to finish baddies off! From baseball bats to Molotovs, you'll use them all. Car chases are a tad boring since your car steers so well you may never get caught, even when you have to (pun intended)!

The Godfather has a level-up system whereby you get to improve your character stats, learn new abilities and such. It's necessary to properly distribute those skill points 'cause you'll need them as the missions get tougher.

One problem here is the controls. The keyboard just cannot cut it-a controller is highly recommended.

End Game
All in all a fun experience, The Godfather is a game you can spend a few hours playing. Dated graphics may put off some, but gameplay and voice acting make up for this to a decent extent. What really makes this one stand out is the way it clings to the actual movie storyline, and diehard fans of the book or film will absolutely love this game.  

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