The 8th Korean Communications Conference kicks off World IT Show 2012 at Seoul

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18 - May - 2012
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18 - May - 2012
The 8th Korean Communications Conference kicks off World IT Show...

The World IT Show 2012 held in Seoul, South Korea from May 15th -18th 2012 showcased some of the latest technologies and products offered from some of the top Korean brands. LG and Samsung were the obvious star attractions along with many other Korean ICT brands, showcasing cutting edge technologies and end-products that will make their way into the market in 2012. The event was hosted by the Korean Communications Committee (KCC) and we were invited by Aving Global News Network on behalf of the KCC to attend the 8th Korean Communications Conference and the World IT Show 2012 in Seoul.

Here’s a glimpse of the products showcased at the opening press event that kicked off the World IT Show 2012.




LG demos the 55EM9600, world’s first 55-inch OLED 3D HDTV

Organic LED technology is currently the best solution in terms of quality, design and power efficiency. LG first introduced its 55-inch 55EM9600 OLED TV at CES 2012. At the Korean Communications Conference press event in Seoul, we got a closer look at the first OLED HDTV ever. LG claims that the 55EM9600 has infinite contrasts and the deepest possible black levels by virtue of the self illuminating pixels.

The TV uses LG Display's Oxide-TFT white-OLED with color filters (RGBW) OLED panel.

We certainly were left impressed after the brief demonstration session with the LG OLED TV. The colour gamut and viewing angles are far better than what are usually seen amongst the best of the LCD and LED TVs. Motion was smooth and we couldn’t notice any judder across fast moving scenes from the demo clip. The unit is astoundingly slim with a mere 4mm thin frame. The AV connectors are integrated into the base stand, to keep the profile thin across the entire frame.

Mr. Moon-Ik Jang, director of OLED department, LG electronics expressed his opinion on the viability of the OLED TVs to go mainstream. “The yield of OLED displays is better than LCD and LED displays, so the cost of mass production is expected to reach mainstream levels sooner than what it took for LCD and LED panels”, he said.
The approximate pricing for the LG 55EM9600 is expected to be around the $10,000 and LG expects the product to make it to the market by the fourth quarter of 2012.

ANT Holdings shows off 'The Korea Spirit' app

ANT Holdings (CEO, Gyeong-Hwan Go, attended the New Technology Press Promotion held in the E Hall, COEX, Seoul on May 14th 2012 and introduced the mobile application “The Korea Spirit”, which showcases the beauty of Korea.

To publicize unique beauty of Korea, The Korea Spirit application contains performances of five members of Intangible Cultural Properties, and performance and narration of the pianist Im Dong-Chang. Those five members are Daegeum player Lee Saeng-Gang, wooden sculpture artist Park Chan-Su, brassware maker Lee Bong-Ju, Taekgyeon player Jeong Gyeong-Hwa, and Indigo dying specialist Jeong Gwan-Chae. The makers of the application did the video and image works on those five artists, spending one year with them.

ANT Holdings became to be known with the release of the Hotelnjoy application, hotel reservation and payment platform. Once it was released, it was in the spotlight as the application by which hotel reservation and payment can be done at one time.

KG Mobilians introduces M-Tic, a security-strengthened mobile payment service

KG Mobilians introduced M-Tic, mobile payment service whose security function is strengthened by MOTP service. M-Tic is a mobile phone payment service in the form of application that allows users to pay at offline stores with one-time barcode generated by the application without using cash or credit card.

And, M-Tic app. can be downloaded to smartphone or feature phone without going through complicated identification procedure, and regardless of the phone being equipped with USIM (Universal Subscriber Identification Module) financial chip.M-Tic was further secured by adopting MOTP (Mobile One Time Password) service, a second layer of security authentication to ensure optimal protection.

Whenever the user accesses Internet sites including game sites, this security solution lets the user enter one-time password (8 digits) in addition to the related account number and password, making him or her to pay by one-time barcode generated by MOTP security algorithm that prevents hacking and protects personal information, according to the company.

Chois Technology showcases its latest version of the X-Pointer presenter

Chois Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless presenters exhibited its latest presentation solution that now supports the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The X-Pointer device along with the X-pointer app, supports presenter and mouse functions as well as laser pointing, can be used to watch movies through PC. The X-pointer also makes it possible to do laser pointing without flickering, and its portable case can also be used as micromini electrostatic stylus (touch pen).

Chois Technology, having focused only on presenter products, is growing mainly in German and Japanese markets whose entry barriers are known to be the highest in the world. Currently, this product is sold for 40 thousands won or more through the Choice Technology homepage ( or Myeongpumgwan, sole agency of Choice Technology (, and is expected to be sold in duty-free shops in Korea as well.

Polycom Korea introduces Polycom RealPresence Video Solution, a multiparty video conferencing system

Polycom Korea introduced video conferencing solution usable in meeting rooms with multiple participants. By mounting voice recognition function, its camera follows the speaker and captures the speaker in the video conferencing frame automatically, and it is compatible with mobile devices and social applications as well.

Polycom Korea is a leading company supplying UC solutions in telepresence, video, and voice fields based on field standards through Polycom RealPresence platform. It provides services for efficient communications to over 400 thousands of companies and institutions across the world.

Clonix demonstrates its Diskclone solution, claiming zero error in HDD duplication

Clonix supplies system backup solution to Samsung Electronics computers. It provides technology which makes it possible to do comprehensive management of multi drive cloning applications with one disk image generated from the same engine based on the Alseid engine the company developed.

Disk clone supports simultaneous cloning of a single drive/disk image on 16 disks or drives in approximately 2 minutes with zero errors. In addition, Clonix also displayed the diskclone portable solution, which allows cloning to 6 portable media devices simultaneously.

Prinics demonstrates the BP-100, its latest photo printer for smart devices


Prinics introduced Bolle Photo Printer 'BP-100', printer aimed exclusively for smart phone and tablet PC users. BP-100 allows direct printing of photos from mobile devices by offering an inbuilt doc that communicates with the BP-100 specific app that has to be installed on the smartphone. The app also allows the user to edit photos and enhance the images using the built-in templates.

Besides the BP-100 photo printer, Prinics also introduced Bolle Photo Player (combination of speaker & smart phone photo printer) and Bolle Photo AIR (Wi-Fi smart phone photo printer). They are expected to be released during the second half of this year.

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