Teradata announces family of analytical platforms

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12 - May - 2008
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12 - May - 2008
Teradata announces family of analytical platforms

Teradata Corporation introduced a new family of platforms that addresses many customer needs, from entry-level to active enterprise-level

Teradata Corporation, the global player in active enterprise data warehousing, introduced a new family of platforms that addresses many customer needs, from entry-level to active enterprise-level, all with the proven power of the Teradata 12.0 database engine.  The family will extend the reach so that customers can leverage the power of Teradata within their enterprises in meeting their business and technical needs.   

The new, cost-effective platform family includes: Teradata 550 SMP (symmetric multiprocessing), a departmental data warehouse. Teradata 2500, an entry-level data warehouse for companies that are just starting out or for those with other analytical platform requirements in their enterprises. Teradata 5550, an active data warehouse-class platform.   

“The Teradata 550 SMP and the Teradata 2500 are two products specifically targeted at markets like India, which are driven by high volumes and low costs”, said Dennis Samuel, Area Vice President, India and South East Asia of Teradata. “These products are made cost effective, with no compromise on the features and benefits, to suit market needs. The SMP version is software only which will be distributed through channels in India and other similar economies and can be made available on any hardware. We are seeking partners and distribution channels in India to tap the market for this product. SMP is more suited to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are booming in India. With the success of Bharti, LIC and Vodafone India, we are looking forward to gaining more customers in India, as we are sure that tapping this market and winning partners here will be in line with Teradata’s aim of gaining the top 1000 companies in the world as their customers.” 

“The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is the best architecture for integrated, cross-functional data to support both strategic and operational intelligence,” said Ashok Ekbote, Country Manager, India of Teradata.  “Enterprise data warehousing drives the highest business value with the lowest overall total cost of ownership.  Virtually without exception, every customer we talk to is implementing or has plans to implement an EDW.”  In addition, many companies today have legacy and analytical applications on multiple hardware platforms and database combinations for various reasons.  These systems are used to meet special business unit, departmental, or geographical requirements, as well as to address compliance and privacy concerns.  Special-purpose applications such as fraud detection and prevention, customer segmentation, human resources, and forecasting are also sometimes implemented on separate analytical systems.  These applications are driving significant investment in business intelligence and analytical systems outside the core EDW, and lead to complex and costly architectures.  With Teradata's new competitively priced platforms, customers can now unify their entire analytical architecture by standardizing on the powerful Teradata platforms and database engine.  This standardization saves in training, application development time, system management, support and IT infrastructure. 

“With this family, customers can now apply the power of Teradata to address all of their analytical needs, at all levels of complexity and size.  We are pleased to be able to help our customers achieve competitive advantage through the best business intelligence and analytics engine in the industry,” said McDonald.  “Teradata can make it easy to get started in data warehousing with a fully integrated Teradata 2500 at a low entry price point that’s truly ‘load and go.’  If customers’ needs are more complex or require real-time business intelligence, our proven enterprise-class Teradata 5550 is the best choice because it is the world’s leading data warehouse.  With our full family of Teradata platforms, we effectively compete with both the data mart appliance and the data warehouse vendors.  We are the only vendor in the market to offer a family of platforms that meet various analytical requirements in the enterprise.  You can expect the Teradata platform family to grow in the near future.”

All of these products are currently available.  Teradata’s partners, including business intelligence, ETL, application providers, are certified with the new platforms.

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