Synchromagic simplifies synchronization

Published Date
17 - May - 2008
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17 - May - 2008
Synchromagic simplifies synchronization

GeloSoft announces the availability of Synchromagic 5.0 a software tool for synchronizing files and folders, either one-way or bidirectionally

GeloSoft announces the availability of Synchromagic 5.0, the new version of the software tool for synchronizing files and folders, either one-way or bidirectionally. Files and folders can be synchronized from one computer to another, or from one to many. Unlike other products, Synchromagic synchronizes in real time, supports SFTP, FTPS protocols and integrates with Windows Task Manager.

Synchromagic is a definite benefit for those people who often travel and need to keep their documents in sync on both the laptop and the desktop computer. To get started, the user needs to set up a sync task and configure the synchronization settings. Once the task is set, it can be run it with a single click. The program will synchronize data automatically and accurately.

People who want to safeguard their valuable documents, music or video can also find Synchromagic helpful as a backup solution. It can be used to create back up copies of specific folders and save them to a secure location on the local computer or on the server over the network. Backups can be initiated manually with a mouse click or scheduled for automatic execution using Windows Task Manager. In the unattended mode, the program can be set to send the user email notification about synchronization success or failure.

Webmasters can use Synchromagic to upload the updated content to the website through the FTP protocol, or create a mirror website for disaster recovery.

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