SVKM's DJ Sanghvi College of Engg. Pulse 2013 tech fest sees healthy turnout

SVKM's DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering's recently concluded technical festival, Pulse 2013, was host to students from numerous engineering colleges across the country.

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14 - Feb - 2013
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14 - Feb - 2013
SVKM's DJ Sanghvi College of Engg. Pulse 2013 tech fest sees heal...

Digit Event Promotional Feature: This year D.J.Sanghvi College’s annual technical festival Pulse held on 31st Jan, 1st and 2nd Feb just got bigger, grander and showcased the most innovative ideas of the brightest minds of the present times! The festival kicked off with its national level pre fest event I.C. engine which was held on JNS grounds. The event saw participants from all over India coming in and battling it out by controlling their machine cars in terms of speed and navigation both. This high speed race saw a huge turnout!

The atmosphere on the first day of the fest was thumping with excitement. The festival started with cutting of the ribbon and lighting of a candle by respected prinicipal Dr Hari Vasudeven. The entire campus was dancing to the tunes of the in house Dj and the first event that caught everyone’s eye was Poseidon, Lord of the Seas. Wherein people actually got to walk or rather run on water and if they stood still they would sink. One of the megaevents was DJMUN, where 50 students from various colleges amicably discussed the various world issues. The future world changers came up with a fresh perspective on nuclear policy currently in place. The Knowledge Series held on the college campus gave a more informative look on various topics ranging from energy from waste part to the discovery of the God particle to financial management to National virtual security. The speakers included Mr T. Raghavendra Rao, director of STEPS, Mr Amol Dighe of TIFR, Mr Nilkhant Pandya and Prof. Shri Joshi of BARC. The campus had various events like hovercraft, dashing cars, life size board gaming, arcade gaming, virtual gaming, Gladiator fighting, life size version of angry birds, a Batman themed Hacking odyssey and many more. This along with the two inhouse treasure hunts, one themed on The Godfather and the other on Harry Potter kept the crowds entertained throughout. The cafeteria area which had famous brands like Little Italy, Havmore, Mystique and Cornitos which catered to everyone who entered the gates from the age of 6 to 60.

Also the festival was visited by the kids of the Teach for India organisation and Transforming India also made its presence felt.

The Highlight of the first day was definitely the live concert by Salim –Suleiman at the J.R.M grounds which saw a footfall of about 4500-5000. The crowd crooned along with the artists on the stage to Ishq wala Love to Jalwa to many more. The energy at the grounds while the Salim- Suleiman performed was Awesome. Also Salim sang a song in Honour of Nirbhaya. The three very amazing dancers from the upcoming movie ABCD -AnyBody Can Dance showed off some crazy moves and left the audience awestruck. The act was followed by Dj Tarun who had everyone dancing like it was the end of the world.

The second day started with Technical Paper presentation which was again national level. Which saw participants present new and innovative indepth ideas and were judged by an esteemed panel of judges. We also saw the finale of the adrenaline filled atmosphere of the Robo wars where BOTS were battling it out for victory. Also Contraption, one of the mega events wherein one event sets into motion several events, much like the dominoe effect. The sheer preciseness and creativity enthralled the viewers. Also we had Jugaad which was business meets innovation. Participants were educated on how to market or sell their product or idea. It also included the Tech Expo where futuristic designs were displayed.

The third day started out with DJTalks which had speakers from different walks of life come and talk to a huge crowd. They put forward some very thought provoking ideas and motivated us into putting society before ourselves. The speakers included Shaina NC, Yogesh Chabria, Sarfaraz, Dilip Patel, Ashok Mahadevan and Sayam Arora. They spoke about issues ranging from youth in politics to extraordinary feats performed by common man to vegetarianism to existentialism to investment to progress in Mumbai. The varied and highly interesting discussion kept the audience at the edge of their seats for over three hours. This day also saw finale of many events and the winners being awarded with gift hampers from the many sponsors. Pulse was powered by Institute of Multiple Intelligence as associate sponsor and Zee Studio and Tata Consultancy services as co sponsors.

Also throughout many impromptu contests were held in the cafeteria area and it was definitely a not to be missed event. The committee working behind the festival made sure it all went flawlessly well and at the way Pulse is growing its definitely is in the elite category of festivals and will be the most attended engineering college fest.

So, spread the Pulse!

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