Suchitra Shetty Vs. Ajeya Row

Published Date
12 - Apr - 2007
| Last Updated
12 - Apr - 2007
Suchitra Shetty  Vs. Ajeya Row

The first thing for Suchitra was the background rather than the avatar, and that was fixed at the outset. Browsing through numerous bags, she seemed half-happy with a small black leather bag, which she added to her avatar. And then, she changed her mind (they've just got to, you should know): she replaced it with a tiger-skin bag. Continuing with the accessories, Suchitra chose a long, striped scarf.
So what was the "Branded" tab? Simple-it was about actual brands, we informed her. Here she selected the Dodge Nitro with a black city background (flashy again). We knew that deep down, somewhere, she wasn't happy with the earlier background. Another change of mind followed, and she reverted to the leather bag (to go with the background).

When we told Ajeya about the exciting things he was being called upon to do, he warned us that he wasn't a designer, and that we shouldn't hope for anything good-looking. He went on to try and figure what each button on the default page was for, and it was clear he was creating an avatar for the first time. (Actually, not too many of us have bothered, either.) We let him do the hard work-Ajeya read everything on the page, and clicking a few images, he figured how the default avatar could be changed. (Suchitra gets the points here.

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