Sub-2-sub: Best subreddits to follow right now

Reddit's cream of the crop for 2016

Published Date
08 - Mar - 2016
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09 - Mar - 2016
Sub-2-sub: Best subreddits to follow right now

Popularly revered as the front page of the internet, Reddit has assembled a cult following across generations. We could have listed Reddit under the best websites section but it wouldn’t have been fair since it’s like a gateway to the best things happening on the internet. Dependent on user-generated content, you’ll come across everything, right from the funniest memes, GIFs, comments etc., to random acts of kindness, and not to forget the internet’s favourite, cats. Once you join Reddit, you can subscribe to subreddits, a pseudonym for communities dedicated to specific topics. Subreddits witness interesting discussions and also friendly banter, with a different level of trolling, aided with contextual memes and reaction GIFs. You are free to choose from the following subreddits but if you want to be a better person, you seriously need to subscribe to all of them. When it comes to Reddit, our preferences are directed to funny GIFs, witty comments, mind-blowing realisations, etc. And to let you in on a secret, this is a list of our own subscriptions, apart from the inappropriate ones we can’t mention here.

/r/IAmA – If not the best, this is among the most popular subreddit conducting interactive discussions with prominent members from the field such as actors, scientists, artists, etc. Users can directly ask questions, potentially invoking an interesting series of Q&A for you to read up.

/r/YouShouldKnow – Here you’ll stumble upon really helpful tips and tricks,  and simple workarounds to improve your skills and productivity on menial tasks.

/r/TodayILearned – This subreddit can be quite informative with users speaking about accidental discoveries of that-person-in-that-movie or simply coming across obscure facts about things or people.

/r/AskReddit – Reddit has a huge community and you are bound to get more than a hundred different answers for a single question. This subreddit gives you the same opportunity to ask your heart out and in turn receive real and hilarious replies from your fellow Redditors.

/r/DIY – Personal projects by Redditors are explained meticulously with a step-by-step guide from scratch until the finished stage. The projects aren’t just your regular household hacks but essentially expert level setups of furniture and crazy customisationsin everyday objects.

/r/oddlysatisfying – For all the folks with a high sense of perfection, symmetry or a mild case of OCD for everything, this subreddit will give you a weird and odd satisfaction on every click.

/r/dataisbeautiful/ – Another popular subreddit, here you’ll find informative visualisations of data in the form of graphs, charts and maps, to display data in a easier and straightforward way.

/r/nosleep/ – A place for budding writers to pen down thrilling horror stories, this is hands-down our favourite subreddit at Digit, owing to the quality of the stories written. No one really knows whether the stories are true or not.

/r/ThingsCutInHalfPorn/ – Among the best recent discoveries on our side, expect images of cross-sections of various things such as guns, planes and even organs.

/r/photoshopbattles/ – If you consider yourself a Photoshop ninja, this subreddit is where you can test your skills. Or you could just scroll through all the posts and have short fits of laughter looking at funnily morphed images, face swaps etc. 

/r/HybridAnimals/ – Have you ever seen a seahorse with the face of a T-rex? Or maybe a dog’s face on a penguin’s body? They were probably posted first on this subreddit before they went viral around the internet. You’ll find other such face and body swaps of animals here.

/r/Showerthoughts/ – The shower is where the philosopher in you wakes up and comes up with daunting thoughts and ideas. Here, you’ll come across never before though of realisations. 

/r/FanTheories/ – Remember reading about the theory about The Joker being the actual hero in The Dark Knight? It first appeared here along with several other theories across different franchises.

/r/simulated – Physics experiments on non-Newtonian fluids are pure pleasure to watch. This is where creators and enthusiasts post their computer animated simulations to satisfy your eyes.

/r/PerfectTiming – Well-timed shots manage to reveal something spectacular or something hilarious. The perfect timing when someone gets punched, the perfect timing when a bubble bursts, you’ll find all such photos posted here. 

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