Stuttering sound

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Stuttering sound

My PC configuration is:

  • Zenith PC, Pentium 4 2.93GHz
  • MSI Intel 915GL ICH6 chipset
  • DDR 400 RAM 512 256 MB
  • DVD Combo Optical drive
  • Windows XP SP2

My problem is that when I play any music file on either headphone or speaker, the sound stutters like a damaged speaker. I checked the same files with WMP11, iTunes and Winamp but the results are the same. I checked the headphone & speaker with another PC it works properly. So please guide me now what to do?

Mohsin Shaikh

DIGIT ANSWERS: The problem is obviously not with your headphones and speakers so the only culprit is the sound card. Either the sound sockets on the back of the motherboard are damaged or there is some kind of a driver issue. Uninstall the existing drives and also uninstall the sound card by right clicking on the sound card in the Device manager. Reboot once and let it reinstall or if required, download and install the latest drivers from the Internet.

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