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Another one-stop-shop portal, has all the top stories, images and videos related to space, satellites, behind-the-scenes politics that affect space programmes, and more. To round it up, there's even a small section on "gossip"!

The main page sports an easy, tabbed layout. That aside, what pleased us most was the content! "Destinations," the home page, has the latest news and analysis. This page also sports top stories, special reports, and events around the world. The multimedia content here includes videos and animations relating to space science: you can see a video of the Leonid Meteor Shower, for example. A Reader's Pick section showcases the best-voted images and videos.

 The "News" section showcases five highlights of the day; the Recent Headlines tab here leads you to a listing of contemporary news items.

The section called SpaceFlight is dedicated to space launches. You get complete coverage of worldwide space launch operations as well as mission archives. There are interesting videos to be watched here.

The Science section talks about discoveries, new findings, and such. Why do scientists believe there's water on Mars? Tons of well-researched articles are waiting to be read here. If you didn't know the sun has sisters, or of the history of black holes, this is the place to be.

The Technology section profiles the various technologies related to spacecraft, robotic probes, rockets, and failed missions.

"Entertainment" updates you on movies, books, comics, TV shows, serials, and even songs about space, aliens, astronauts, and more. is not just about news and entertainment-it also has content for hardcore stargazers, in the SpaceViews section. Multimedia content here relates to the solar system, the Milky Way, and galaxies. Wallpapers and images of imaginary space stations, satellites, and such can be found here. Images from the Hubble telescope and rare Space Shuttle images find a place here, too.

This beautifully-made site will most definitely satisfy the appetite of sky-gazers (and young, wannabe astronauts)-we certainly loved the quality, quantity, and range of the content, and we also happen to have loved the design! For those yet to explore "the world of the universe," so to speak, we bet that having visited the site once, you'll be hooked!
A wonderful site, this one dedicated to science in general. You can find stuff relating to the animal kingdom, health, forces of nature, environment, technology, fictional science, history, and strange news.

The first section-"Animal Domain"-is one of the best: it features some of the wildest and strangest facts about animas. An "Animal of the week" section puts the spotlight on a particular animal, with a small description and images. If static images are off-putting, there are videos to watch! Watch the Wasp Hound, extraordinary birds, and baby pandas! In this section are also quick links to attention-grabbing stories classified by animal habitat-earth, water, and air. For the serious, detailed studies of subjects in the animal world are discussed in a section called "Animal Domain."

"Health SciTech" talks about everything health-related: innovative drug research, myths, and facts related to human health. Videos include Attention Training, Flu Fighter, Exercise and Genetics, Gene for Exercise, Humor and the Sexes, and thousands more! Special reports under four permanent categories-Edge of Humans, Smart Medicine, Inside your Mind, and Live Longer, bring you the latest news in these fields. The titles should be enough to whet your appetite.

 "Forces of Nature" talks about weather, changes in climates, disasters due to nature, and strange phenomena. Predictions about forthcoming disasters of nature and how these will affect us are covered in the Top Stories section.

Did you know that diamonds can be melted? That batteries can be recharged wirelessly? That light bulbs can burn away tumours? Such facts and more are to be found in the Technology section. Technologies of the future, and innovative developments, are discussed under "Science of Fiction." Interesting name for a section!

"Strange News" covers the wildest innovations and happenings in the fields of nature and medical science. Take the idea of ghost hunting, for which high-tech equipment is used by ghost hunters!

This, again, is one of the best Web sites we've come across in a long time. Like with, it's hard not to keep coming back for more.

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