Sony to enter drone market, will target enterprise customers

Sony is partnering with ZMP to create Aerosense -- a new Drone Company for enterprise customers

Published Date
23 - Jul - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2017
Sony to enter drone market, will target enterprise customers

Sony has announced that it will be partnering with ZMP to create a company named 'Aerosense', in order to move forward towards its goal of expanding into new markets and creating new revenue sources. Technologies from both companies will come together in Aerosense’s products. Sony’s expertise in cameras, sensors and robots will work alongside ZMP’s automation and hardware expertise, to create intelligent robot drones. The outfit will exist mainly to serve the enterprise segment for now, and in future, Aerosense may also cash in on better prospects of consumer-service drones.

Sony holds the majority stake in this venture, and Aerosense is a part of its ongoing efforts to enter newer, relatively empty product categories. Sony’s mobile division has been reporting increasing losses and its only profitable divisions are gaming and smartphone camera sensors, leading Sony to hope that the Internet of Things industry will help it revert to its glory days. ZMP, on the other hand, already makes automated solutions, but only work on the ground. It hopes that its partnerships with Sony will help bring its automated solutions to new avenues, thereby increasing revenue sources.

Aerosense will be formally established later this year, and its drone-powered surveillance, inspection and other solutions will be available to enterprise customers from 2016.